Omotola and Genevieve who is hotter and richer?

These ladies are both fair and rich, but which one is the richest and hottest? Learn now!

How much do you know about Nigerian actresses? Who are the most prominent ones? Nollywood is full of super stars. So, let’s look at the hottest of them – Omotola and Genevieve.

Omotola and Genevieve who is hotter and richer

Nollywood actresses' biography

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was born in 1978. She was brought up in Lagos with two younger brothers. She desired working in business management. But before entering university, she began working as model to support herself. She changed several secondary schools and universities. Finally, she obtained her diploma in Yaba College of Technology.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Her acting career has started occasionally. She was accompanying her friend to audition. In 1995, there was her first role in movie, called Venom of Justice. She received a leading role, and it helped her getting to the top of industry really fast. She has already starred in about 300 movies.

In 2005, Jalade released her first album, known as GBA. Thus, her musical career has started. As for her latest album, the reports say that she has been working with several prominent producers and songwriters.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde actress

In 2012, she became a presenter with her own reality show Omotola: The Real Me. Besides, she starred in it herself. And it was the first time in the history of Nigerian entertainment industry.

Genevieve Nnaji is another significant figure in Nollywood. Nnaji was born in Imo state in 1979. Nnaji grew up in the middle class family of eight kids in Lagos. She went to Methodist Girls College and later entered University of Lagos. While studying she started auditioning for acting jobs among Nollywood projects.

gevenieve nnaji actress

It might surprise you, but she started her career being a child. At the age of eight, she got a role in TV soap opera Ripples. At the age of 19, her career as an adult actress began. She featured in movie Most Wanted. In fact, Nnaji's starred in about 80 Nollywood films by now. Nowadays she is even considered one of the best paid actresses in the whole industry. Genevieve was even once called African Julia Roberts by Oprah Winfrey.

genevieve nnaji hot

In 2004, she released her debut album together with EKB Records. It was a mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Urban music. As model, Nnaji has featured in several commercials.

Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji who is the hottest?

hot genevieve nnaji

Both of the actresses are extremely beautiful and popular. They are almost of the same age, so it is really hard to say who is hotter. Two actresses have great number of fans.

hot omotola jalade

However, Jalade has more followers on Facebook (about 2.5 million), while Nnaji has only 1.5 million. It might mean that Omotola is a bit more popular among the people of younger generation. Nevertheless, Genevieve has about a million of subscribers on Instagram.

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Omotola and Genevieve who is the richest?

The thing we can compare is the income of two celebrities. As for Omotola, her net worth totals $3 million, which is equivalent to N600 million.

who is richer omotola vs nnaji

What concerns Genevieve, her wealth is even more impressive. With total net worth of $7 million (or N1.4 billion), she takes the first place among the richest actresses of the country. According to the recent news, in 2015, she bought mansion worth $4 million in Ghana. Besides, she owns several more houses. Moreover, Nnaji has big collection of expensive cars, such as Range Rover Evogue, and Gwagon SUV.

Genevieve and Omotola star as sisters in what movie

You have probably heard about drama Ijé written by Chineze Anyaene. Two actresses were invited to star. So, the producer was clever and told each woman that the other one had already agreed. Thus, the two giants took part in the movie and it appeared to be complete success. Their rivalry was healthy and both of them worked as professionals.

movie omotola ft nnaji

Well, it's impossible to compare beauty and talent of these stars. Both of them are prominent and important for filmmaking industry. However, now you know who is richer at least.

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