Owerri billionaire dumps his wife for a young mistress

Did you manage to hear that Owerri billionaire has left his wife Uche Elendu? Read the article to know all the details.

His new love

Prince Oggo Walter Igweayimba a.k.a. Nku 1 breaks up with one of the Nollywood famous actresses Uche Elendu. So Uche Elendu is now alone raising two children. Their relationship has come to an end due to his passion to the former Queen of Aso Universe, in particular - Sandra Chichi Ekwesiobi.

If you are looking for the facts that can prove this occurrence, you can turn to her latest post in Instagram, where she shows her new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, produced in 2016. By the way, speaking about its price, it reaches approximately $57, 965 – sounds impressing isn’t it?

The ex-couple  

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She has claimed that it was the present from her boyfriend Prince Oggo Walter Igweayimba a.k.a. Nku 1.

How do you like?

However, such a tendency was clear in last year, when it was so difficult for Prince Oggo Walter Nku to deal with Uche Elendu busy schedule at work.

Let’s follow the events to be aware of the further development of the situation.

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