Pacific Rim 2: How does John Boyega's character look like?

Have you heard the latest news about Pacific Rim 2? John Boyega is on the cast. Check out how cool his character looks like in the movie!

Pacific Rim 2: John Boyega finally discloses its titleThe sequel of “Pacific Rim” is called “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom.” This movie has the most amazing cast and there recently has been a leakage in the news about how John Boyega is going to look like in the film? Do you want to learn more about it? Here is what we have found.

The fact is that recently one of the characters from the movie has posted a picture from how the scenes look like now as they are being shot. What a great news! Now we can see what his character looks like on the scene.

Pacific Rim 2 cast

The shooting is taking part in Australia. Of course, considering the idea of the film, he seems to be running. Well, we believe he is either trying to catch someone or is escaping world’s massive disaster. This is yet for us to discover.

The film is going to be filmed there. The creators have built an enormous special location for the movie. It did not take them too long, yet the scenery looks fantastic.

No wonder they got a grant for producing this movie. So, they do not start completely from scratch: they have funds given to them, to begin with.

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Some of the actors will appear in the movie, as they have already plans and they could not reschedule them. However, some of the actors from the film are there so that it won’t be too different and surprising. The plot will be outstanding just like the first one.

The “Pacific Rim 2” release date is August 4, 2017. So, it is not too long before the release, and the film is being actively shot.

Pacific Rim 2 trailer

Among the other “Pacific Rim 2” cast people are Scott Eastwood (“Suicide Squad’s”), Jing Tian (“Police Story: Lockdown”), and Cailee Spaeny.

Here you can also check out “Pacific Rim 2” trailer to grasp the atmosphere of the movie and get inspired. We are on the edge of our chairs waiting for the film to be released. We hope you are too!

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