Patience Ozokwor: is she leaving Nollywood for good?

Are the rumors of Patience Ozokwor leaving Nollywood true? Learn the shocking reason behind it.

We’ve got a rather socking story from one of the Nollywood celebrities Patience Ozokwor. It seems like she plans on leave Nollywood forever. She had been very successful there and even has become one of the Glo ambassadors.

Patience Ozokwor

Why is Patience Ozokwor leaving Nollywood?

Well, the lady is a Christian and every year in its first month she takes her time to pray and seek God. In 2016 she has done a usual thing and spent over 20 days fasting and seeking Holy Spirit. Later on she prolonged her fasting to 30 days. And that happened despite the fact that she had to be working on many projects and movies.

During this special time Patience Ozokwor states that she heard the voice of God. He confronted her about her fashionable outfits and makeup. And her deadlocks heir, too. She even had to cut them off! “Was that a sin” – she asked of God. He referred her to the Internet, where she found people all over the globe receiving similar revelation and sharing it virally.

Patience Ozokwor news

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Moreover, she talks to other ladies and hints that those wearing makeup and certain outfits may go to hell. She stopped all the movies and instead of getting over 1 million naira of income per week, she has nothing. But God provides for her daily needs.

She plans on leaving the Mama G name behind her, as it is very worldly and would leave Nollywood for good to serve people all over the world.


To believe in God and priderzhivatsya post is very good, but in moderation. After all, we are human beings, and we need the life force. This celebrity smebe she chose such a path, it's her life and we judge it is not entitled. So she considered it necessary that she must leave hollywood, and to give Seba God. For this course you need to ground may have her in my life that something happened that no quadrupeds, which is known only to her loved ones, and this is possible because it is made. So the main thing that it was all her well. And it will be, it depends on itself.

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