Peter and Lola Okoye vs. 2face and Annie Idibia: Which couple is more charming?

Which couple of Nigerian celebrities is the best? Peter and Lola Okoye vs. 2face and Annie Idibia What is their love story? How to become a perfect couple? The answers are gathered here!

Peter And Lola Okoye and 2face And Annie Idibia

These two couples are truly amazing, but which one is the best? Peter And Lola Okoye and 2face And Annie Idibia are very beautiful, but what are the secrets of their relationships? What is their love story? We will find out right now!

Peter and Lola’s love story

Peter and Lola’s love story

Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo’s love story is unbelievable and amazing. This couple has been in a close relationship for more than eight years before they got married.

Two lovebirds who have passed a lot of challenges obviously always support each. They had a traditional wedding ceremony, which took place at the Ark Event Centre, Lekki, in Lagos on Sunday November 17, 2013. The couple has two charming kids, their names are Cameron and Aliona.

2face and Annie Idibia’s love story

2face and Annie Idibia’s love story

A lot of fans of 2face Idibia do not know the love story of Annie and Idibia. This is a really unknown part of lives. However, recently Annie told the secrets, looking back at the first day, when they had met.

The moment, when their eyes met at Even Ezra Studios a lot of years ago, she knew they were the one for each other. It really seemed like yesterday, she could not believe he was already 40. At that moment he was 24 and she was 15. And she still sees the same man when she looks at him. He has so much energy. He is always xtremely optimistic about life. 2face is never afraid of tomorrow with the little or nothing he had.

How to choose the ideal couple?

2face and Annie Idibia

Is there any ideal relationship? Maybe it's one of the great illusions of the front set as ‘All men are created equal’ or ‘Everyone can become a millionaire?’ In assessing the quality of our own and other families we have to have something as a model - and it means that there is some ideal model that becomes ‘muddy waters’ for our families.

They can be found in the myths and beliefs about marriage in our culture. We can always find a few ideal relationships and try to follow them. These two Nigerian couples are no exception as a lot of families try to be like them. But is it right?

The perfect couple has the main word and it is called ‘we’. The beloved people understand each other without words and cannot live a day apart. Such relationships are strongly reminiscent of the symbiosis of mother and baby. The kid needs a mother endlessly, and it is ideally set up to meet his needs.

2face and Annie

And the first time, there are no boundaries between ‘I’ and ‘you’, there is only ‘we’ (which a lot of moms say, even when they accompany their little children to medical examination in the enlistment office). Even Freud emphasized the absolute importance of the relationship with the baby's mother and regarded them as the initial model for the construction of attachment relationships in adult life. Such a relationship is an attempt to merge the risk of loss of the borders and a terrible burden on the partner, because he has just guessing all the thoughts and desires of the lover.

The spouses in the ideal relationship have exactly the same values, interests and hobbies. The model of such interaction is ‘twins’. Between the twins there are stronger and closer relations than between ordinary siblings. They communicate in isolation, are reluctant to include the peers to their circle and often speak their own invented language.

2face and his wife

In addition, the geminate situation has other consequences: in some cases, one by one the twins feel very uncomfortable and insecure. It can be assumed that couples who build relationships by geminate model, risking having the same.

A lot of people have heard about the androgyne, by the will of the gods people were dissected into two parts and were doomed to search for their soul mate. Similar mythology exists almost in all cultures, and most importantly - they stress the unbearable happiness that accompanies the reunion halves! On the one hand, this myth offers us endless enumeration process: if you could not build the perfect relationship, then it was a ‘strange’ half - continue to search for your one!

Peter and Lola Okoye and 2face and Annie Idibia proved that they felt something when they met. So maybe this theory is real? And when we meet our half we know it for sure.

wonderful couple

On the other a lot of spouses say that in their relations they have finally become ‘completely full’ and harmonious people. According to popular psychologist and writer, in a quest to find the half there is something deeper than just the desire to create a happy marriage. This half is a person with whom you reveal your deepest essence, to develop and realize the personality.

The perfect couple must necessarily have rigidly fixed functions. Preferably, the male must gather and bring goods, and the woman must put them on the shelves of the refrigerator and cook. And recall the scientific researches of the early 90's, in which the main cause of family quarrels was called output woman at work (role conflict of working women, etc.).

 Women professionals, not tending to housekeeping, to feel deeply flawed, and the men of creative (and underpaid) specialties quiet ruin himself drinking alcohol. The myth of the hearth and hunting suggests that a woman is so delicate and airy, and the man is certainly muscular and desperate. These requirements together present the feminine and masculine parts. And this is perfectly normal. However, most our celeb couples try to cooperate as partners ignoring these functions.

Peter's Lola

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Basic Law of the perfect couple is the law of attraction. And these two couples are certainly very attractive. Peter and Lola Okoye vs. 2face and Annie Idibia, who are better? Well, it’s up to you! They all look great!

Scientists have studied the behavior of women. In contrast to the ‘omnivorous’ men who can satisfy himself with anyone, women are better concretize their sexual passions and preferences. The trick is that only a certain type of men can excite the imagination and sexual fantasies of a particular woman. It is clear that the basis of this ‘attraction’ is a certain law of nature, which lies deep in the hearts of women.

What is the mechanism of action of this basic law of the perfect couple? Most often you can hear the answer that ‘opposites converge’. To paraphrase this statement, we can say: ‘Love is possible only between a man and a woman with absolutely different characters, and the relationship between these individuals is possible, unless they are based on the principle of ‘unity of opposites’, which helps to create the perfect couple’.

Nigerian celebreties

For example, a courageous man absolutely needs a totally feminine ‘half’, and vice versa. But this does not mean that only a man can be brave. In today's world, women often have purely masculine traits, and men can be effeminate, and infantile. But in any case the right partner should possess those features which the other one of the couple does not have.

So the popular and successful Nigerian performers tend to choose not so creative and active ladies, as they are.

Nigerian performers

The effect of the ‘law of sexual attraction’ also explains the fact why beautiful women often choose unattractive men, ignoring men with perfect appearance. Everyone is wondering why she likes him. It is very simple: because he complements her. This is the ‘law of sexual attraction’ and it also explains the instances of cheating. When a couple of two does not meet the formula of ‘the attraction of opposites’, then there is always the third one, who perfectly complements the one of the first two of this couple.

Perfect relationship is the union of two people performing the same task with a common goal. For example, a joint business or building a country house. Or children's education, where everyone is really indispensable and plays his own role. Common cause implies that the spouses are in constant dialogue and need each other.

beautiful nigerian couple

 At the same time everyone has the opportunity to see his contribution to the relationship, to share the success. In many textbooks on Family Relations professional say that ‘marriage is work’ and psychologists often hear the complaint: ‘I cannot work on our relationship be my own! This is not a game for one!’ The phrase ‘working on the relationship’ has already been noted as a meme in the psychological culture, as if there are special tools and techniques to improve the marriage.

However, every couple has its own helpers, tools, etc. So if you look at Peter And Lola Okoye and 2face And Annie Idibia, you can be sure they ‘work on it’. They spend time together, support each other. There is always hard work and often it is not very easy.

perfect celeb couple

Searching for any logic in love relationships between men and women is the same as to look for an answer to the question: ‘What is the meaning of life?’ A lot of people think so, but not all. For example, scientists have always tried to explain everything that happens in the world of the relevant laws of nature, including the inner world of man, in order to explain everything in accordance with the laws of mathematics and physics. But if this is possible, then it is possible to control and feelings - sympathy, love and even passion! And you can create a perfect couple!

In searches for creating formula for the perfect couple the scientist conducted various studies, and now they believe that certain sexual passions and preferences of the person actually lie somewhere deep in his DNA, on a subconscious level, and largely at the mercy of nature, which is natural selection. That is, in other words, the choice of partner is not some artificial act, but on the contrary, it is something natural, self-evident, and so there lies the secret of the perfect couple.

Peter And Lola Okoye

Do not try to create something perfect, but look at this couple and try to become the same happy! It would be much better!

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