Plastic surgery addiction: What are the most extreme transformations?

There are a lot of people that make plastic surgery. Sometimes it develops into addiction. Let’s see 5 stories of plastic surgery addiction

plastic surgery

Today trek to the plastic surgeon is perceived as something quite natural - if a person wants something to correct in their appearance, she has every right to do. But there are those who have turned  plastic to the cause of the life. These people will stop at nothing to get closer to their ideal. They are obsessed with appearance, and to be "not like everyone else", spending huge sums of money, suffer pain and pay no attention to the ridicule of other people. Some people carry dozens of operations for the record - to become the owner of the world's largest breasts or the thinnest waist. Others - to be like movie stars or models. Some people want to be like "Mr. and Miss Perfection" - Barbie and Ken dolls. But most importantly - they are all hungry for glory. And, anyway, they achieve it. But is it popularity cost all this offerings? Let’s see 5 stories of plastic surgery addiction

1. Fan of Kim Kardashian, who resorted to plastic surgery to look like his idol

Make-up artist from the UK Jordan James Parke loves Kim Kardashian so much that he spent near 150000 dollars for plastic surgery to become like her. He came through 50 operations, including Botox injections, fillers to the lips and cheeks, tattoo eyebrows and laser hair removal. Jordan said he became obsessed with the star of reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians», watching just one episode. "I love absolutely everything in Kim," - he says. "She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has perfect skin, hair and all, what we can see. "

In an attempt to be even more like Kim, Jordan recently threw out a bunch of money for cosmetic procedure with blood, which a star like. Cosmetic treatment, which costs $ 700, is a blood sample from the body and injecting it into multiple points at the face. He also spent more than 90 000 dollars for designer clothes and bags from Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Jordan James Parke

2. A woman who has spent more than 150 thousand of dollars to look like a caricature of herself

When Christine Butel (Krystina Butel) decided to order a caricature of herself, she was 16 years old. She could not assume that it will hold the next fifteen years, trying to look like the caricature. 30-year-old Christina has spent more than 130,000 pounds for plastic surgery to become a cartoon character.

Her operations include breast augmentation,  injection into the lips, botox, teeth whitening and semi-permanent make-up. Christine is the owner of a beauty salon. She even made her nipples in the form of hearts to make her image  perfect. Despite the fact that she had already spent a fortune, Christina is still obsessed with drawing imitation.

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Christine Butel

3. "Living Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine  

Due to its similarity with the famous doll and unusual images in social networks Odessa "Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova has got tens of thousands of fans in the Internet. She starred in a photo shoot for the Western magazines (including V Magazine), giving interviews and lectures about healthy lifestyle and a karmic connection with the cosmos.

As says the blonde, wasp waist (just 47 centimeters!) Owes it exclusively nutrition, fitness and a strict diet.  She says that she make one single operation - increase her breast by inserting silicone implants. Can we believe?

Valeria Lukyanova

4.Ken from America

Justin Jedlicka also put life on it to achieve the similarity with plastic ideal.  The guy has already spent on improving of his appearance 220 thousand dollars, went through 100 operations. Doctors stopped him and warned: he has really plastic surgery addiction disorder.

Barbie and Ken

The last operation, through which he passed, almost deprived him of.  Man removed the veins on his forehead, which were too big, when he laughed, and stopped Justin looked smooth. Lively Ken suffered 5 rhinoplasty, brow of lift, implant installation in the shoulders and biceps, the increase of the cheeks, lips, chin and buttocks.

Justin Jedlicka

5. Briton turned into Pamela Anderson

It is a woman with plastic surgery addiction. When Caroline was 10 years old, his father made a girl a compliment, saying that she is spilled Pamela Anderson. From that moment a native inhabitant of Liverpool stubbornly went to her goal - to become a copy of the Hollywood celebrity. For beginning a 10-year-old girl went to the hairdresser and repainted to blonde.

From 16 years she began to take melanotan - a synthetic analogue of the hormone melanocortin stimulating and enhancing a tan to the skin which received the California bronze shade. To her 29 years, Caroline has spent 20,000 pounds (about 30,700 dollars) for "tuning", which allowed her to look like Pamela Anderson or to become like her. The woman even officially changed her surname from Arrowsmith to Anderson. Caroline Anderson lays under the surgeon's knife for eight times - that increase the bust and "ate" the bulk of the money. Silicone implants, and the fourth size of breasts cost her 14 thousand pounds. Briton pumped silicone lips, stressed their contour tattooing, changed the shape of the teeth, made a facelift and increase hair. She regular pricks botox.

Caroline Anderson

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