Poorest celebrities in Nigeria – 5 top

Love Nigerian celebrities? Find out wich ones of them may need your help and support to get ahead of others by their wealth.

Is Nigeria a poor country with super rich celebs? Are there poor celebrities to be found there? Get the list of the poorest celebrities in Nigeria. You may be surprised!

poorest celebriteis in NIgeria

Everyone thinks that stars are people, who are at least the wealthiest of us. However, it is possible to find those, who do not have such great fortune. Celebrity mostly means a person, having all the public attention and fame. They must be popular, because it is their job, but not obligatory rich, as it is a derivative from being famous.

Why some celebs are poor? (Are they really?) 

Of course, you can understand that this so-called poverty is relative, because most of the stars spend enormous amounts of money on stupid or unnecessary things. Nevertheless, the causes of particular celebs not being that rich might be various. The most common ones are as follows:

  1. why nigerian celebrities are poorLifestyle. As we have mentioned, there are popular people, who just do not care about money and do what they want. They spend it in vain, which influence their net worth.
  2. Pursuits. There exists such kind of stars, who constantly get into troubles. They have to pay to the lawyers, go to the court, and so on. Sometimes they are even engaged in some criminal affairs.
  3. Imprisonment. It is far beyond the lawsuits. Some celebs get in jail for different actions (for example, for taxes issues, etc.). After several years in prison, they have to start from the very beginning in order to return their wealth.
  4. Drugs. This is a problem of many popular people. They have money and opportunity to try cocaine or something like that. As the time goes by, they require more and more of it. They forget about work, family, etc. So it finally leads to the bankruptcy.
  5. Strange purchases. There are popular people, who buy small towns, thinking they are rich enough. Big mistake, we should say, as they finally announce bankruptcy.

These are common reasons, why previously wealthy people might suddenly become poor. However, there might be much more of them.

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The Poorest celebrities in Nigeria

Now let’s consider the list of the celebrities, which have become the poorest. It contains the following:

  1. Yung6ix 
    Yung6ix photo
    He is a hip-hop artist in Nigeria. Considering the income of many other performers of the music industry in this country, he might be thought poor. His net worth totals a little more than $1 million. However, his career started only in 2009, that’s why we can still expect him to get wealthier soon.
  2.  Pa Kasumu 
    Pa Kasumu photo
    This Nigerian actor, who is in his sixties now, is thought to be very rich, as he is very prominent in Nollywood. However, according to the news, he has real problems with health, and his family is not able to cover medical bills. He requires about N12 million to get treatment abroad. Moreover, many people have been shocked after finding out in what terrible conditions this veteran actor lives.
  3. Desmond Elliot
    Desmond Elliot

    He is not broke in fact. But, being a director, and actor, and a producer, he has a really modest net worth of $5 million. He has starred in plenty of movies and has received several awards in Africa.  However, having good education and being born in Lagos, he could be much more successful and get more money.
  4. Patience Ozokwor
    Patience Ozokwor

    This 57-year-old actress & has only $300,000 net worth. She also takes part in business and is loved by many Nigerians. She has been featured in plenty of movies with lots of prominent actors. However, her own income is not very high actually. People say she is talented and extremely good at evil roles.
  5. Tonto Dikeh
    Tonto Dikeh

    This young and beautiful singer has a total net worth of just $500,000. There are no endorsements connected with her. Probably this is the reason of her modest income. Her career started only in 2011. Nevertheless, she has managed to become really prominent, though not a billionaire. She is very gifted and we can still expect something more from her in the following years.

There are many other Hollywood and Nollywood actors, sportsmen, and musicians, who have become poor. There are plenty of them among the Yoruba actors, as they are badly paid and treated. Lots of them have to live in slums and constantly search for money. Besides, nowadays Nigerian entertainment industry is not that well-invested.

Types of celebs in Nigeria

best nigerian actressesIt is probably interesting to find out which types of popular people usually become bankrupts. You might get surprised, but all of them are liable to it. The most frequent cases of relative poverty among the stars are:

Musicians and singers. The common reason for the people of this industry is usually drugs. Their style and way of life often make them try some substances. Unfortunately, many of them cannot stop taking them.

In the better cases, special treatment can help, but they still lose great amounts of money.

best nigerian footballersActors and actresses. This type of people has huge incomes. However, some of them are so blinded with money, that they start wasting them. They might purchase houses, cars, and even towns. And finally, they find out there is nothing actually left. Besides, there are very dissolute ones among them. They get into troubles and are frequently sued.

Models. Some of them have serious problems with health, as they are eager to get slenderer. Besides, they are very prone to drugs as well.

Sportsmen. Financial troubles and drugs make these people suffer from the lack of money. The one, who used to be rich, might suddenly get poor.

So, as you see, any kind of star might become poor for one or the other reason.

It is hard to believe, but there exist many celebrities, who have become broke. The reasons might be different. Sometimes it is their own fault, and in other cases, their health or financial troubles cause bankruptcy. Of course, it is not the same as poverty among plain people, who may suffer from hunger or absence of accommodation. Nevertheless, it is possible to find those, who have to ask for money from other people in order to survive.

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For a big sorry, many gifted and prominent people mostly live in poverty. They give us a great contribution at art, music, moovie industries, but they dont feel a real repercussion from their work. A great dissapiontment that such prominent people have to live in poverty. Because, to my mind, If they are rich, or at least have more money, they will create something more outstanding. But they simply earn their living the way thay can or doing the job at which they are the best. We should support such people to make them feel useful and needed.

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