Prince died like king - Why the legendary singer has passed away?

What achievements does Prince have for his entire career? Why was he so famous among the public? Read the facts from life of the legendary musician.

On Thursday the police received a call to residence of Paisley Park where Prince Rogers Nelson, who is better known under a scenic pseudonym of Prince, lived. Police officers reported about a death at once, but didn't say that it was the owner of house. It became known later. The reasons of Prince death didn't appear yet. The police have only started investigation.

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Prince was born in 1958 and was interested in music already in childhood. He played in school groups, but began solo career soon. The singer has signed the contract with Warner Bros and in 1978 let out his debut album 'For You', for which he has written all the songs and musical parts, having played on 27 instruments. The second album called ‘Prince’ was released particularly at once. In 1980 he created ‘Dirty Mind’, and in 1981 — ‘1999’, which was sold in amount of 3 million copies. The header song from this album became his first single, which has got to charts outside the USA. In total, in five years after beginning of career, he was already famous.

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Prince had 32 nominations on 'Grammy'. He has won seven of them. Two of his albums ('1999' and 'Purple Rain') are included in the Hall of Glory. For 12 times he was nominated for MTV Video Award, and he won this prize four times.

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He had absolutely unforgettable image. Prince was small, only 157 centimeters in height, he stepped on the stage in brilliant and bright clothes and high-heeled. The singer created real shows.

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By the end of 80th, Prince has achieved practically all he could only dream of. And he began to experiment.

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Prince was demanded very much and wanted to bring his creativity to public. That's why in 37 years of active career he has made 28 tours. The last of them, Hit and Run Tour has taken one and half years and included 39 concerts in Europe and North America. For his entire career Prince released 39 studio albums, including four with live performances. He wrote songs in such genres as R&B, pop, jazz, funk and rock. In total, the singer has sold over 100 million records. ​


Prince was a unique personality, he was known by all true connoisseurs preurasnoy music. It is unfortunate that zhischn picks up some of the best, but because nothing can be done, this is the fate. Why it seems to me that Law enforcement agencies do not agree when people talk about the true cause of the death of Prince. I'm not going to voice his own version, just say that all creative people sometimes do not have enough inspiration and they are looking for it in other realities. Perhaps this is what has become of those odnots priyain for which it today is not with us, but he's still been so young ... In spite of everything, I am grateful to the Prince for his unique music, because through it he gave a lot of people love and happiness! Rest in peace, Prince!

Answered 1 year ago.

It is always a great loss when they leave the talented people of life, especially when it is so do not expect. Many people grieve for his talent, many of them himself, and who is still in general. But why not established the cause of death, maybe it was beneficial to someone that he had not gone. But we hope the police, she listed should all wake up. Thanks for the article, even for the sad, but interesting, it now remains only to wait for news about rasledovanii when vstanovlyat cause of death.

Answered 1 year ago.
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