Queen Wokoma survives a terrible car crash. How did it happen?

Queen Wokoma has survived a massive car accident. Learn the details here!

Queen Wokoma newsNot all of you know that the Nollywood was shaken with a sad new about a horrible accident their actress got into. As the official news inform Queen Wokoma got into a severe car accident recently in 2016. The details of the car accident are still not known, but the actress says she was shocked to the very soul. The vehicle she drove at that time is severely damaged, but the celebrity herself is safe and sound.

The trusted sources did not mention whether she was taken to the hospital or not. In fact, the news is silent about this at all. The only source that said about this accident is Queen Wokoma herself. She posted a few pictures of her vehicle that was severely damaged on her social network profile. The car does not look good, but the good news is that the lady feels okay and did not suffer any severe damage.

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Queen Wokoma accident

After the accident had taken place, Queen Wokoma stated that she is really grateful to the Lord that He saved her life and protected her at the moment. She mentioned that this accident showed her that it is not thanks to our faith that God saves us but thanks to the attributes and mercy of God himself that He protects us. And it truly is so: God was merciful enough to Queen Wokoma to protect her life.

The news on her health conditions will follow as well as the details on how she got into the accident after all. You can check out the picture of the actress and her vehicle in this article. Keep safe on the roads!

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