Rihanna and Jay Z are sued over concert cancellation in Nigeria in 2013

What are Rihanna and Jay-Z are sued over? Did the singer admit her guilt? Read the article to learn the latest news about celebrities.

Rihanna and Jay Z

Rihanna and Jay-Z news

Rihanna appeared in center of the scandal. Nigerian company Megalectrics accuses the Barbados singer of fraud and made a lawsuit against Rihanna and the head of her label Jay-Z. The story originates in 2013 when the Megalectrics Company decided to invite the singer as performer on office party. Rihanna's representative declared that an hour concert of the singer at private party costs 426 thousand dollars, and demanded a deposit, a third part from the fee. The company has agreed to such conditions and listed the settlement on account of 160 thousand dollars, which isn't specified by Rihanna's representative.

Rihanna and Jay-Z news

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However, after money was transferred, the representative of the singer asked to postpone Rihanna's concert, having referred to busy schedule of the singer. The Megalectrics Company has agreed to postponement of concert, but to this day Rihanna hasn't arrived to Nigeria with her show. Now the company intends to return 160 thousand dollars in judicial proceeding, even without demanding from the singer penalty for moral damage.

Rihanna net worth

Rihanna's representatives in return declare that Megalectrics became a victim of swindlers who agreed about a concert. Above-stated sum didn't come on account of the singer. So, Rihanna net worth or Jay-Z net worth didn’t increase as they didn't know about upcoming concert. Judicial proceedings will help to resolve contradictions of the parties.


Hi all on this wonderful site! Very often you find useful and interesting information for yourself! I am very glad for it! Of course that the damage that the concert was canceled in 2013! Actually I'm a fan of Rihanna, but would very much like to concert took place! We hope that at another time, when singers will gather to organize a concert in Nigeria, everything would work out and still concert will be held successfully! They're mega cool !!!!! Especially singers had the opportunity to better prepare for the concert!

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