Robbery at Nollywood: actor Fred Amata lost his car and valuables

How Nollywood actor Fred Amata got robbed – learn all the details.

Robbery Nollywood actor Fred Amata

This year many famous people in Nigeria including politicians have become the victims of theft. Even Wole Soyinka’s house has been invaded by the Fulani herdsmen. This time, it is a Nollywood actor Fred Amata who has fallen the evil men’s victim.

Robbery of the Nollywood actor Fred Amata – how it has happened

Four armed men got the actor when he was almost home. He drove his car home but stopped to wait for the guard to open up the gate. It was already dark and late. The man spent the evening at his DGN event, as he is the President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria.

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 Fred Amata

While waiting, he was approached by 4 armed men. They got into the vehicle and drove the actor away. They stripped him off and took all the valuables. Then they demanded his PIN code for the card to get his money through the ATM. He refused to reveal it for a while but then gave in, because the men would slap his face after every refusal.

He also had to beg the robbers to give him back his clothes and they did. They drove him far away from his house and left him there. The good news the man is alive, and he got lucky, too. A police patrol passed by and gave him a safe ride to his home.

Seems like that “night business” and the ATM thing becomes very popular in Nigeria. Guys find it an easy way to make some cash. The police are looking for his stolen car in the Lagos state. This Nollywood actor paid a high price, but thank God he got out of the trouble alive!

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