Sexiest music videos of all time – 5 top

What are the hottest clips of musical industry? Find an answer in the article!

Musical industry is known for its various bright and frank videos. Performers seek to strike their admirers with provocative clips. Do you want to know what of them were included in top sexiest music videos of all time YouTube? Let’s begin our list!

Sexiest music videos of all time

Hot music videos of all time

1. Nicki Minaj — Anaconda

In this clip you won't see intimate scenes or naked bodies. Nevertheless, each shot has corresponding sense, as well as sexy music. The audience will be able to consider magnificent hips of Nicki and other dancers. Also they will appreciate art of well-known jolting by buttocks. So this video unambiguously will be pleasant to men audience. This incendiary track entered the third album of the singer – ‘The Pinkprint’.

Hot music videos of all time

The plot of video is plain, but extremely frank: Nicki in the company of dancers walks on a rainforest and makes a twerk. Periodically Minaj reincarnates in fitness instructor and seductive maid. Generally, the video became hot sensation since the moment of release.

2. Kid Ink — Body Language

American rapper Kid Ink with well-known performer Usher and singer Tinashe presented the clip to the song 'Body Language'. The emphasis in video is placed on representatives of popular dancing direction 'booty dance'. Roots of this sexual dance go to culture of African tribes. Later jolting with buttocks has moved to the countries of Latin America, from where it has extended worldwide.

sexiest music videos of all time YouTube

Girls in the clip have almost identical parameters of buttocks. And only Tinashe is allocated with more modest volumes. Guys don't hide their pleasure from staying with beauties on one stage.

3. Beyoncé — 7/11

In clip on the song '7/11' there are dynamic dances in underwear, mad power and memorable musical motive. The video is made in style of amateur shooting: the singer dances in house clothes with wild hair without make-up alone and together with her girlfriends in hotel room. At the end of the clip it is possible to see the singer's husband Jay Z on a background. The main conclusion of the clip and advice from Beyoncé is to dance until faint.

sexy music

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4. Jennifer Lopez — I Luh Ya PaPi (feat. French Montana)

The video begins with the scene when Jennifer surrounded by her colleagues discusses creation of new clip. The director offers different scenery, but girls only laugh at him. The working moments last the whole one and a half minutes of the clip, and then the singer mentally departs to her imagination.

sexy music 1

In the clip Jennifer makes several sending to high points of her life: to covers of the albums, the video 'I'm Real', a dress by Versace at Grammy ceremony, which has made a lot of noise, and others. Besides, in the video, as well as in many clips of J Lo, there are a lot of dances, ultra-short dresses, hot men and various attributes of luxury life.

5. T.I. — No Mediocre (feat. Iggy Azalea)

Hot music videos of all time

A talented rapper Ti Ai and young singer Iggy Azalea who is torn to popularity tops shown the result of their joint creativity. This is the clip on 'No Mediocre' composition. Shootings took place in Rio de Janeiro, in the run-up to FIFA World Cup. Therefore football subject find a reflection in video plot.

The first shots give to the audience a chance to enjoy magnificent panoramic shooting of the capital of Brazil. Then effective couple – Ti Ai with young beauty in bathing suit appears. The fact that in 10 days after release the clip was watched by 4.5 million people tells a lot about its success.

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