Skales ft. Davido – who is a better rapper and richer?

Skales and Davido are both wonderful musicians in Nigeria, but which one is better and richer? Find out now.

Recently two popular rappers Skales and Davido have made a joint track. These two singers enjoy wide popularity at public for many years. But with the release of new song, their admirers have a new subject for dispute, which is called "skales ft davido". There are no doubts that it is possible to argue about advantages of each of them long and persistently. Both are rich, talented and famous. Let's try to understand, which of them is better rapper and richer man as of today.

Skales ft. Davido

Skales net worth and biography

It is worth beginning with Skales biography. The story how the boy from a small poor family became the superstar will surprise everyone.

The singer was born in Kaduna. He was the only child in the family. The boy was fond of music since his childhood. At first, he sang in church choir.

Skales better rapper?

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Mother raised future singer alone. She had to work at several jobs to provide the son. One of such works helped the boy to join the world of music even more: his mother has a job in cassette shop.

Then he has entered the university. There Skales has met his producers. Initially the guy didn't want to become a rapper. He has received quite simple specialty in the sphere of technology and management.

Skales richer?

But during studies at university he has won competitions, which have changed his destiny. This is North Central contest where people have heard Scales music the first time. In the late interviews, he says that he was inspired by Kanye West and other famous rappers.

Today he is one of the richest stars of Nigeria. His net worth is about N300.000.000.

Skales ft. Davido 2016

However, there were gloomy periods in his life. Many people heard about Skales caraccident. Fortunately, the singer stayed alive.

Davido net worth and biography

 Davido better rapper and richer?

Whatever talented Skales was, Davido stays better. Everyone probably heard aboutDavido carsor Davido girls, and of course, his tracks.

He was born in the USA, but his contribution to development of African music is huge. At the age of 20, he released his first album. He has concluded the contract with Sony Music. Davido is also an owner of set of awards. Videos of the singer collect millions of viewings on YouTube. His salary is about N2.9 billion. The fact impresses, doesn't it?

Davido is richer?

Of course, people shouldn't judge music on a salary of performers. We only learned their income to compare who of them is richer. However, the answer to a question who is the best rapper remains up to you.

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