SO SAD: David Bowie is dead – true or false?

RIP David Bowie. What a loss! This artist and musician has passed away. Learn when and how this has happened.

Today we have gotten some sad news of David Bowie. This musician and songwriter, who has been well loved for his talent, fought cancer and finally lost the battle. He passed away being 69 years of age on 10th of January 2016. At first the rumors of it have spread throughout the Internet and later on the news were confirmed on his official Facebook and Twitter pages. Finally, his son gave interview and final confirmation to the fact – David Bowie is dead.

david bowie is dead

Short biography of David Bowie:

His full name was David Robert Jones. He was born in UK back in 1947. Seems like the number “69” is fateful in his life. His first hit song was recorded and won the affections of people in 1969. It was the Space Oddity song. Then for three more years he worked “under cover” with not much publicity and popularity. In 1972 he got to the top once more with his Starman hit.

david bowie starman

Besides being a famous and popular musician David has also been on several movies. His filming career started back in 1976, when he was featured in “The man who fell to earth” movie. Since that time he’s got three more parts in the films including the role of Nicola Tesla in “The Prestige” filed in 2006.

man who fell to earth

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Back in 2002 he was listed among the top 100 Greatest Britons and took the position number 29 on the list. He has played several musical instruments, wrote and performed songs and was an actor. He was married several times. His last wife was the dark skin beauty model Iman. He got married with her back in 1992. She was born in Somalia and later on moved to America, where the couple got married.

david bowie iman

The cause of death of David Bowie is liver cancer. He has been diagnosed with it and fought the disease for year and a half. He passed away in New York, USA in his home. Even though he could have had longer years of life, his dwelling here was fruitful and enjoyable. He was one of the happy men able to fulfill their dreams and do what their hearts led them to do in life. R.I.P. David Bowie. 

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