Soul stars: Who is NAO?

How did NAO met her current manager and how her musical solo career began? What are her the most popular songs from new album about? Read the article to learn all the facts about new soul star.

Who is NAO

Who is NAO?

Nao or Neo Jessica Joshua is London soul singer who has laid herself a route on the way to glory. Now she is one of the most popular soul funk all stars. 'I needed 14 years to achieve what I have now' – she says. 'I feel that musical industry is so changeable. Tendencies come and go, and in this case, it is the most important just to feel what occurs in current moment. I don't know that can occur tomorrow’.

Within long years, the girl has learned many things. She was a teacher at singing lessons in the southern London. Also she acted as the temporary musician for Pulp, KWABS and other singers. 'The growing has helped me with some things, such as contract signature with record company. It meant that I could bring up and inspire other people and increase my family' – the singer says.

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Nao has been noticed accidentally during performing her background vocal parts for her friend in the southern London place, Corsica Studios. 'My current manager was in that audience. He has approached and asked – Who are you? Why I did not hear about you before? He asked and was interested whether I am engaged in solo material. I was suitable for him for a role of solo singer. Firstly, I wasn't sure because I have got used to be a session singer. But then, having looked narrowly at the producer I understood that I never felt as strong and confident as now. And I have decided to allow him to take a management over everything that occurs now'. The turned-out debut album, ‘For All We Know’ is a cool collection of songs of the whole human soul: sexual – ‘Get To Know Ya’, romantic – ‘Adore You’, and lyrical – ‘Blue Wine’, which narrates about a depression of her brother. Songs in the whole album are very classic, but at the same time have their own character.

Also the song 'Girlfriend' makes lyrical hints on Prinze (Nao is a big admirer of the great guitarist). The funk composition 'Trophy', perhaps, long time was in storage of unissued music. This album is something like revival of soul, written down together with Låpsley, Mabel McVey, Connie Constance and Jorja Smith. Nao is an outstanding performer: both in talent, and in the choice of time. She has chosen a fine moment to make the contribution to the dominating tendency.

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It is not surprising that she is a new big star, who has got to a rating of the most popular musicians according to BBC in 2016. What is more surprising, the girl expresses not enough interest to her glory. For her it seems obvious to receive it in a case of long and hard work. When she is asked about her purposes for the future, she laughs and says: 'Oh, I think, you heard that my company (the album is released by Sony), wants that I was as Adele, but I have established my vocal quite low. You want to tell that it is bad? I think that it is a cultural and beautiful album. Perhaps, this is not an album, which sells a huge number of copies on the first week, but it is very high-quality thing. And when people begin to listen to it, for a long time their interest grows, and the album finds its home. I feel that it is those albums, which I love. My purpose is to aim at it'.

Nao is brutally talented and refreshingly humble. At least, she is quiet about who she is. 'I don't think that I am a big author of a set of hits', she says. 'I feel my belonging to music, but I am not sure that radio can play my songs all the day'. She is too modest: the mysterious singer, R&B AK Paul, clearly understood talent of the singer when he cooperated with her in 2014. Their joint songs became one of the best in 2015. Nevertheless, she refuses to consider herself as large star.

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'I watched Adele in Glastonbury, and I thought that she obviously made surprising work. But all this occurred before the improbable number of people. I asked a question – what she thought before she has gone to a scene? I assume that it would be quite frightening'.

After performance as background singer on the Park Stage in previous years for such singers as Jarvis Cocker and Radio 4 Marcus Brigstocke, she became a great solo artist last year, having acted on BBC Introducing stage in 2015. However, she isn't similar to others soul stars at all. She didn't forget that she was a teacher in the southern London. Her various careers were shown when she was in image of timid teenager in the clip of her song 'Girlfriend'. 'He reminds me of one of students whom I taught earlier. He grew up in rather poor family, had problems at school and was expelled. The boy was really interesting, but he couldn't have normal visual contact when he spoke. He was super under-confident. I encouraged my students earlier in use of singing as a way to increase their confidence and to help them to open their mind a little more. Singing in front of people helps to do it. It really changes something in you'. Being modest, Nao found the solution of her problems and expansion of opportunities by means of singing. When she decides that she wants to take energy, she takes the microphone in her hand. And from that moment the singer can't already be stopped.

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