Stephanie Okereke and Genevieve Nnaji: who is hotter and more famous?

Do you know who are Stephanie Okereke and Genevieve Nnaji? Why are they so popular? Read the information below and you’ll learn it!

There is a cold war between two hot Nigerian celebrities. And there is no wonder. Both of them are very popular all over the world. They are worthy competitors for each other. Let's understand what these two Nollywood actresses are famous for.

How old is Stephanie Okereke

How old is Stephanie Okereke?

She was born on October 2, 1982. Now she is 33 years old.

Stephanie Okereke biography

The girl was born in Imo State in a large family. She received an education in Delta State. The actress has graduated in direction of English and literature.

Stephanie Okereke biography

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The girl played the first roles in 14 years. She was the main actress in movies Compromise 2 and Waterloo. It became her debut in Nollywood. Later she participated in Nigerian beauty contest and took the second place. In 2003, the actress became the owner of two Reel Awards. In 2007 she graduated from film academy in New York. The woman has created movie Through the Glass. She became the screenwriter, the director and the actress in it. The movie was nominated on Oscar. In 2014 there was one more author's movie. In general, Stephanie Okereke took part in 90 films.

Stephanie Okereke husband

Is Stephanie Okereke married

In 2004 Okereke married Chikelue Iloenyosi. It is the former football player of Super Eagles. Their marriage lasted for 3 years.

Now Stephanie Okereke husband is Linus Idahosa. They got married in 2012. In October, 2015 they gave birth to the first son.

Genevieve Nnaji biography

Genevieve Nnaji biography

The actress grew up in Lagos. She was the fourth of eight children. Her father was an engineer, and mother – a teacher. After leaving school, the girl has entered the University of Lagos.

In 8 years Genevieve began to act in popular soap opera 'Ripples'. She also appeared in commercials. In 1998 at the age of 19 years she acted in the movie Most Wanted, and later — in Last Party, Mark of the Beast and Ijele.

Genevieve Nnaji cars

The girl received a number of awards, including City People Awards and the African film academy. In 2004 she signed the contract with record company and published an album. In 2008 she let out fashion line St. Genevieve. The part of income from it goes for charity.

Genevieve Nnaji cars

The actress is a car lover. Now she is a happy owner of Range Rover.


The rivalry between the actresses were always and at any place and time. Since each wants to be popular, and to take its place under the sun. Both of course are very talented and beautiful, but of course each has its pros and cons, because the same people do not, one will approach a producer actress, another second, there are no ideals. So contend not need, because everything will be as it should be. In this article, I learned a lot about these very talented actresses, about their lives, now I will follow their news, how the rest of their lives further.

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