Timi Dakolo vs Olamide: who is more famous and talented singer in Nigeria?

Timi Dakolo and Olamide - which one do you love the most? Who has the best songs? Read and compare.

Timi Dakolo and Olamide are one of the most popular rappers of Nigeria. Both of them are rich and successful. Both are owners of the prestigious Headies Musical Award. But who of them two is better? To find it out, it is necessary to study the biography of singers.

Timi Dakolo vs olamide

Timi Dakolo biography

Timi was born in 1981 in Ghana. In spite of this, the singer has Nigerian passport.

Timi Dakolo singer

Dakolo was brought up by his grandmother. He says that she was his first musical teacher. At the age of 12, the boy sang in church choir. In 2003, he found Purple Love group. But then its participants have entered the university, and the group broke up.

In 2006, Dakolo passed listening on show of talents. The singer has made good impression on jury. They assumed that he would be a prizewinner of the show. A week before competitions, Timi learned that his grandmother has died. It was a big emotional blow for him. The singer has addressed to Christianity, which has helped him to endure loss.

Timi Dakolo photo

Results of viewers' vote shown, that Timi has collected most of all points. In 2007, he became a winner. The contract for record with Sony of BMG was a prize of this competition. After a victory on the show, there was an accident to Timi. In New Year's night, he has received a shot in a lobby of the hotel. It was an attack of Niger Delta, which had no intention to kill only the singer. The security guard has been killed, but Timmy has got superficial wound and urgently hospitalized. He was released on the same day. In 2009, the first collection was created. It consists of 3 Timi Dakolo songs.

Olamide biography

Olamide was born in 1989, Lagos. In 2000, he was convinced that music is his life and he has a talent for it. He decided to make music career. His first emergence on a scene happened in 2010. It was Hip Hop World Awards.

Olamide biography

The singer has concluded the contract with recording studio. But in 2012 he left it. He has created his own Olamide records, which was called YBNL.

In 2011, he released his debut album. It has drawn attention of other famous singers. They began to cooperate with him.

Olamide YBNL is the second studio album of the artist. Davido became special guest in his record.

Olamide YBNL boss

He became the first Nigerian who has signed the agreement with Cîroc. In 2013, he became an ambassador for Etisalat.

The rapper is an owner of several musical awards, such as Nigeria Entertainment and Headies.

Olamide YBNL records

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As you see, both singers have an interesting biography and many achievements. It is impossible to learn, who of them is better. So just enjoy their music!

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