Tiwa Savage's interview: What does she say about her life after divorce?

What did Tiwa Savage say about her life at the moment after she got a divorce from her ex-husband Tee Billz? How does she feel and what conclusions she made after this marriage fell apart?

Tiwa Savage interview

These questions cannot be left unanswered. Getting a divorce is extremely complicated, and in particular for a mother and celebrity. This means that all of the mess that happened during the divorce process was left there for everyone to see and judge.

However, as we know from Tiwa Savage video interview, though she really is not too happy about the divorce, she finds peace and comfort in her everyday life. She states her biggest comfort is her child. Tiwa claims that this bundle of joy is the reason for her not to give up and keep up the good work even when life seems to go upside down.

She also noted that she was grateful for the support of her family and the career she had. It is true that she is successfully climbing the career ladder. She has recently signed an international contract, and seems to be excited about this experience!

Tiwa also emphasized that her faith in Jesus Christ is what holding her afloat. People did not all love Him. They hated Him and wanted Him to die. And He was a Son of God, beyond all of the creation ever known. That is why she has no reasons to complain about the life she has. She is blessed beyond measures, and when she receives negative comments about her personality or career, she turns to Christ and to people that love and support her for comfort. This is the only way to get through the difficult times.

Tiwa Savage

In an interview, Tiwa Savage mentioned that there is no need to prove haters wrong; they will stick to their guns, and you will only waste your precious time and energy you’d rather invest in something useful and valuable.

A failed marriage served Tiwa Savage a good lesson. Here are the things she took out of this painful experience.

First of all, Tiwa Savage said in an interview that she now will be very careful when choosing a partner for life, as her ex-husband had problems with drugs and alcohol. He had hidden it before they got married. However, very soon after the wedding, she found him sniffing cocaine and asked his parents for help.

She also said that it is a good idea to have spouse accountable to you in marriage, especially if they are known for having addiction problems as well as are just not too careful with money. As Tiwa’s experience showed her husband, who by the way worked for her as a manager, took control of all her money, and got at least forty percent of all the concerts. This rate is too big, for those of you who are not familiar with the matter. Anyway, he took the money, did not spend them wisely, and supposedly wasted them on a lover he had at the time, and that is how Tiwa had to perform there for free. She never saw the money. So being aware of the family budget does not hurt and can protect both of you big time.

Also, in an interview you can find below, Tiwa Savage stated that her another lesson from this marriage is that it is not worth marrying a man not being able to provide for the family. Her ex had no permanent job and did some short projects. However, he wanted to lead a luxurious life, so he bought things he was not to pay for. That is how his wife ended up covering the holes in the budget and paying for the cars he got and watches he purchased.

Tiwa Savage video interview

As a result of Tiwa’s care for the family, her husband never felt that paying for her and the baby was his responsibility. She paid for clothes and rent, took them out for vacations, and ended up feeling like the only breadwinner of the family, which is never right or healthy for the relationship in the household.

As a result of him not desiring to pay the debts, he would keep on lending the money, and not pay them back. Meanwhile, they will get calls from people he owned this money to threatening to let the world see the real situation. So, to save the face she had to pay for his debts. Until one day she realized that this situation keep on repeating and she keeps having it covered.

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Tiwa Savage seems to love her husband still and feels genuinely sorry for him and his choices. She mentioned that in an interview and added that she would continue praying for him and his full restoration before God. The life of her ex-husband seems to be a total mess given the choices he makes and things he says,

It also turned out that this is not his first marriage and a child. She knew he was married before, but she never knew he had children both in the United States and in Nigeria. Keeping this from the woman you are marrying is not fair and seems to be cheating.

However, the other thing it shows about the man who has been divorced several times already is that he is not devoted to a family, and keeps quitting whenever difficulties come in the way. That is why no wonder he got to cheat on her again soon after they got married. In fact, Tiwa Savage had a miscarriage and was taken to a hospital while, as she suspects, was cheating on her in a hotel in the same city.

Tiwa Savage youtube interview

And finally, one of the most significant lessons Tiwa Savage shared about in an interview you can find on YouTube is that she was warned by people that knew the man that he might not be a marriage-material and not her best choice. On top of that, she saw some signs as well. However, she chose to ignore all this. It felt like a fairy tale and was so romantic that she said “yes’ anyway. It was as if the two of them are against the whole world of those not wanting them to be together.

Nevertheless, all the warnings and signs turned out to be entirely true. It would save her so much nerve and energy, but she chose her own path. Now Tiwa is a happy mother, which would never have happened if she was never got married to Tee Billz.

According to her own words, Tiwa regrets being a wife to her ex. However, she got her lessons and felt extremely sorry for him as well as his other wives and children he abandoned. Now, she will move on and raise her child alone with the support of her loving family and friends. 

Use her lessons and do not repeat the mistakes she referred to in this article. It is not worth it. “Relationship,” one man said once, “is a mess worth making.” However, if you have different core values, you won’t be able to maintain a happy marriage without severe damage to the beliefs and feelings of one of the spouses. So, be careful and make this significant choice of your life after thinking everything through.

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