Tiwa Savage's marriage broke up: How did she pass it through?

Do you want to find out how did Tiwa Savage live through a breakup? Read about it in the article.

Tiwa Sawage

Famous Nigerian songwriter and singer Tiwa Savage has broken up with her husband after a clamorous scandal in the social networks, particularly on Instagram, during which her ex-husband Tee Billz accused the singer and her mother of infidelity and witchcraft. Tiwa answered that infidelity was their marriage, full of scandals and drug use, and announced their breakup.

She commented her unsuccessful marriage and told what helped her to go through the breakup easier.

They are happy, I wonder?

Tiwa told that she does not pay any attention to what different media write about her. Because she realised that you cannot be good for every person on Earth, and whatever you do people will always judge and discuss you. So it is better not to waste time and do your best not to disappoint people who love you.

Break up?

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Singer said that now she is going to work for the international market, but also do everything possible not to lose her Nigerian fanbase. She is going to try to find balance and become popular all over the world. She has all chances to do this because she recently signed up with Jay Z`s Roc Nation.

Happy marriage?

Tiwa said that her folks and hard work helped her to go through all her problems after the breakup. And after all she is very happy now, she is enjoying every second of her love, she has everything she needs to be a happy person. And soon is going to try herself in acting.

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