Top 15 Nigerian Nollywood movies, what are they?

What do you know about Nigerian movie industry? Did you watch Nigeria movies? Here are the top 15 Nigerian movies you need to watch.

Nigerian Movie Industry

The Nigerian Movie Industry produced many fantastic movies at its disposal. It`s also a well-known fabric for creating African Movie Stars as Nollywood. This movie industry may present the possibility for leisure time not only for citizens of Nigeria but also for foreigners who enjoy African culture. It has a long story and traditionally named the biggest movie industry in Africa. It goes right to the famous Bollywood, the Indian movie industry. Despite that Nollywood is a young movie industry it should be taken credits to its accomplishments. Nollywood created a line of African actors, who can show their culture to the whole world. No matter which genre of movie, like action movies, soap operas, horror, Comedy or Romance – everything can be presented to the African and foreign viewer by Nollywood.

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Best movies

Best movies

Nigeria Movie Industry presented a vast range of movies to the viewers. Nevertheless, in this article, it is presented top 15 movies in Nollywood:

  • Aramotu
  • Last Flight to Abuja
  • Two brides and a baby
  • Phone Swap
  • Memories of my heart
  • Mirror Boy
  • Kiss and Tell
  • Sinking Sands
  • Ghetto Dreamz
  • Aki na Ukwa
  • Dormitilla
  • Osuofia in London
  • Figurine
  • Maami
  • Mr & Mrs

Therefore, Nigeria movie industry can present a vast range of movies to its viewers.

Nigeria movie industry

If you desire to dive into African history, culture, and understanding, then Nigerian movies are right for you. They might be a little bit strange for a foreigner, but you will love it later. Nigerian movie industry created a fantastic range of characters that are loved by Africa. It`s a basis for Nigerian deliverance of culture. It shows a tremendous richness of African culture and beauty. It should be mentioned the prettiness of African actresses, which will help your heart to beat faster. Try to dive into Nigerian Movie Industry!

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