Top 5 evidences that Don Jazzy is still in love with Rihanna

Don Jazzy and Rihanna’s latest news. Is Don Jazzy still in love with Rihanna? Brief ‘lovestory’ of Ri and Don and all the evidence of his love already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Rihanna 2016

Don Jazzy, who is Michael Collins Ajereh in real life, is a popular Nigerian record producer, musician and singer-songwriter. Now he is the Mavin Records chief executive officer. Don Jazzy is known for working with top Nigerian singers, such as D’banj, Dr. Sid, Wande Coal and others. He is also known for being a big Rihanna fan.

Recently in an interview, the Mavin executive officer told that he hoped to get married in 2017 and fans began wondering who that luck lady could be. It seems they should not have to look any further as this lucky lady could be world-famous Rihanna. For years Don Jazzy has been freely talking about his deep love (using his social media) to his babe, Rihanna. Everything is possible, so it could really lead Don down the aisle with Barbados singer if he is indeed lucky enough and plays all his cards right.

Rihanna and Don Jazzy

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After all these two are at the top in their music genres. They are young, successful and attractive. If to imagine this couple, we are sure that it won’t be some scandals or public insults after each quarrel. It seems to us that this couple would look really cute and nice. Their relationships would be sincere and quiet. But is it just our imagination? Or there is something more between these two performers? We will see, but now it’s kind of mystery.

Checkup five moments, when Don Jazzy ‘proposed’ to his social media babe, Rihanna due to Don Jazzy Instagram.

1. On the 5th of October, 2016 Don Jazzy posted a photo of Rihanna’s new dreads hairstyle.

 Don Jazzy Instagram

2. On the 20th of April, 2016 posted a sultry photo with Rihanna.

sultry photo with Rihanna

3. On the 20th of April, 2016 he wrote a post congratulating Ri-Ri.

 post congratulating Ri-Ri

4. On the 19th of February, 2016 Don Jazzy posted a video of his heartfelt version of Rihanna’s hit song, called ‘work’, for her.

Rihanna’s hit song

5. On the 20 of February, 2016, which is Rihanna’s birthday Don Jazzy decided to wish his bae a happy birthday with a short clip from Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ video.

Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ video

What will be next? We hope to see very soon!

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