Top 7 Nollywood actresses and their husbands

Do you want to see the pictures of the Nollywood actresses and their spouses? What are they like and what is their secret of a happy marriage? Learn more here.

Nollywood actresses

Unfortunately, families of Nollywood are known mostly for their scandals and divorces. It is no longer a surprise to be married two or more times. And only a few couples stay married to the same people they fell in love with years ago. Being happy in marriage is no longer a question of fighting for peace and love. However, some Nollywood actresses managed to save their marriages and stay happily married to the love of their life.

Nollywood actresses and their husbands

Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs

When talking about Nollywood stars and their spouses, the first ones that come to my mind are these two celebrities. Somehow they got to stay married for more than thirty years and did not get a divorce. There were hard times in their path together. However, they decided to stay faithful and devoted no matter what the world seemed to offer them.

When asked in an interview, Joke Silva said that she considered herself lucky to be married to the man she loves. “Firstly, because he is my friend more than the fact that he is in my industry. That I would marry someone in my industry was not farfetched because I was always around people in my industry and I was not mixing with too many people outside my industry.  He is somebody who has the incredible passion for his work, believes in his work, and he has so much respect for his work. I think that is my gain from being married to him.”

She claimed that they remained married for so long thanks to God’s mercy to them. It was not easy, and they often asked God for guidance. And He gladly helped them go through all the hard times.

“It is us as human beings finding it difficult to navigate whatever part of the marriage experience we are in at that point in time. Thankfully, God has been incredibly faithful, and we have been able to weather the storms.”

Nollywood stars

Matthew Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade

This couple is also on our list, as they have recently celebrated a serious wedding anniversary. On top of that, this Nollywood actress and her husband are one of the most influential women in the world. This makes their family even more interesting to the fans. OS, let’s see how they managed to stay married for so long?

As trusted sources claim “in this case, it is possible to say that “behind Omotola’s successful marriage there is a trusting husband”! Every time they are asked what is their secret to long-lasting and happy marriage, they only answered that in mutual respect, trust, and God’s mercy.  Way to go Matthew Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade!

Nollywood stars and their spouses

Gbenga and Abiola Adeyinka

This couple is also among those famous Nollywood couples. They are obviously still madly in love, as not so long ago, when the wife turned fifty, here is what Abiola Adeyinka wrote about her on his Instagram:

“1 day to go……… Fifty and Fabulous. Happy Birthday, Olori Abiola Adeyinka. A great Woman of faith, beautiful wife and lovely companion. Thank you for being a beautiful wife and may God Almighty bless your golden age. I amassed a massive debt on the day I got married to you – the debt of unconditional love and undying commitment. I promise to keep repaying this debt until my very last breath. Thank you for the beautiful years, the constant prayers and the amazing children. I love you, happy birthday. Olori”

Their secret is in faithfulness and unconditional love. They fight in their marriage, yet they fight for their family. What else does a healthy family need?

Nollywood stars and their spouses

Luca Orlandi and Oluchi Onweagba

This couple has been married since 2005. She is a supermodel; he is an Italian fashion designer. They seem to be extremely different, yet they look very happy in their marriage. What is their secret of a happy marriage?

Apart from having an international marriage, they are a part of an interracial marriage, which makes it even more complicated. So, how do they manage to maintain the healthy relationships that can serve as a perfect example for so many other celebrities of their circle? Here is what this Nigerian star says about her husband:

“I have been married since 2005. I think it is just marrying your best friend more than anything. A man that will understand you; a man that will support you in good and bad times. My husband is my best friend.”

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Therefore, being good friends can help you to build a firm foundation for a happy marriage. Bear this in mind when thinking of specifics of family life and going through the hard times.

Nollywood stars and their husbands

Omoni Oboli and Nnamdi Oboli

This Nollywood actress seems to be deeply in love with her husband. She says that he makes everything it takes to keep her happy. Here is a quote by her: “My husband makes me fall in love with him every day.”

He treats her like a young girl, writes poems for her, and surprises her every day. No wonder, she is so happy in her marriage life.

Here are funny phrases from the husband’s book on the family life:

"Today, it's anger towards the husband for putting up the toilet seat.

"But a little stretch of the hand to put it down would stop the dissension brewing in hell's pit.

"The toothpaste tube conversation stretches through, to usurp valuable quality time.

"But a little shutting of the mouth would have stopped the irretrievable hateful words like the mouth that has just tasted bitter "lime.

"Marriage is not a do or die affair, so don't go into it hurriedly just because.

"But marriage is a do or die affair that couples must fight for within godly reason to achieve a worthy cause.

"Many people hurriedly open their mouths to aggravate situations which often only serve to entertain a third party's musings.

"But learn to control and guard your God-given territory, knowing that love covers a multitude of sins.

"But complications are our way of displaying our prideful ways to God so that mankind can feel they have total control of themselves.”

Nollywood actresses and their spouses

Zack Orji and Ngozi Orji

This couple has also been married for a long time. What is their secret of a healthy marriage?

Again, it’s all about devotion and desire to be together no matter what. Way to go to this beautiful couple and their children too.

pictures of Nollywood actresses and their husbands

Charlie Boy and Lady D

After long years of staying together, here is what these Nollywood stars say about their spouses. “It’s like a moving coaster. We have had our low as well as our high moments. Sometimes, it’s good, at other times, it’s averagely good.  We have had our issues, but, above every other thing, I think we have great understanding and respect for each other;  love and trust for each other. Also, we were willing to work out anything that will keep us together. That’s why I think we have come this far. The strength of our marriage is in great understanding, mutual respect and a lot of communication.”


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