Trump's victory: Will Wole Soyinka go to jail if he destroys green card?

Is it true that a Nobel Prize winner, Wole Soyinka, will be imprisoned for destroying his green card? What is a reason for a such a decision? You will find the answer here.

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The victory of Donald Trump raised controversies and protests. Some people cannot but rejoice that it was him and not Clinton who won this election. However, others feel very strongly about his victory and promise to take measures unless Clinton is given the title.

Wole Soyinka is one of those people who got so struck by the news of Trump’s victory that he announced to leave the United States by the time Trump is inaugurated. He seems to be very serious about it.

As trusted sources say, one of the Wole Soyinka quotes says it that he is going to destroy the green card he was given as a sign of protest. He claimed that he was no longer going to enter America, and wants nothing to do with it if Trump is the President.

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However, local Nigerian lawyers as asking him to reconsider his decision again The thing is that if he destroys the green card, it will be viewed by the American authorities as a violation. It is strictly forbidden, since resident permits are under state authority, and ruining it can cause a lot of trouble.

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Apparently, Wole Soyinka was infuriated by the news of the final result of US elections. Still his friends, colleagues and family hope that he would think again once the things play out.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Wole, he is the first African man to get the Nobel Prize and an author of a great number of books. Here is what the official sources say about this prominent African writer: “it is the first Nobel Prize awarded to an African writer or to any writer from the 'new literatures' in English that have emerged in the former colonies of the British Empire.” No wonder his words about leaving the States made people talk about it.

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