Was Kim Kardashian really robbed at gunpoint?

Kim Kardashian is in the center of attention. Recently the popular star was robbed in the hotel in Paris. Read more to get the hottest news.

kim kardashian robbed

The details of a robbery in Paris have been presented. Kim Kardashian is a famous American reality show star was robbed at gunpoint. According to the source, the wife of Kanye West was deprived of jewelry worth up to $ 10 million.

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The star of the stolen jewelry

Monday, 3 October, 35-year-old Kim was in residence in Paris, near the Madeleine Church. This luxury hotel is frequently visited by stars. Kim lived there once, in 2014, before marrying rapper Kanye West. Later that night, Kim talked with his brother Rob on Facetime.

kim kardashian robbed

The crime

Presumably, about 2.30, the robbers entered the building and handcuffed the night guard. It is unknown whether it was Pascal David whose skills are highly estimated by Kardashian.

About three o'clock in the morning at least two men in masks and police uniforms broke into the room of Kim Kardashian. Other sources indicate that there were five of them.

The raiders began to threaten Kardashian with guns, then tied her up and locked in the bathroom. At the same moment, they searched the room.

kim kardashian robbed

Official reports

As reported, a police spokesman, the robbers took two mobile phones and jewelry of Kim Kardashian worth $11 million. There was a box of decorations worth $6.7 million and a ring worth $4.5 million.

A representative of Kardashian assured the press that the model is not physically harmed, though, and is in profound shock. Remains unknown, where at the time of the robbery were children of Kardashian and West: three-year North and ten-month-old Saint.

Kardashian husband Kanye West after learning of the incident immediately interrupted his speech at the festival Meadows in new York and left the scene. "Sorry, family emergency. I have to stop the show," West turned to the fans.

Many fans were nervous. He had ended 20 minutes earlier, also late to this for half an hour. And, finally, he interrupted the speech. 

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