Was P-Square separation a fake?

Is PSquare back together once again? Learn the story now.

is psquare back

These twin brothers are much loved by the Nigerian community. They are talented and their duo P Square has become popular in Nigeria and abroad. However, this year they have created a huge buzz over their break up. Was it for real?

Did P Square real break up?

Not all the fans believed the twin duo really broke up. Some of them suspected the brothers did it to boost the publicity and evoke vivid interest in the media. This Money we got the news of them reuniting.

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That is great news for many fans, who love the brothers. All the family drama and troubles may or may not be real. But the Okoye twins surely got what they wanted. They have created a massive buzz on social media and in the media.

Peter and Paul Okoye have started to sing and perform together in their early years. Back then they were poor and the money came in much later. So, many believe such trouble could not really make the twins go apart.

Surely each of them could have built their solo career, but together they are the real power of Nigerian entertainment. Many stars try to use their hardships to call for an attention and become newsmakers. PSquare did the same. They got the much desired publicity and popularity boost. Hopefully from now on they will provide their fans only with the positive news.

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