Were the guys who leaked Miss Anambra's lesbian sex tape arrested?

A certain reporter claims that police have arrested behind leaked sex tape ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke. Truth or lie? Let's take a look! Inside the article are photos =Р

ex-Miss Anambra - Chidinma Okeke.

This citizen - local reporter Martin Beck Nworah, alleges that the police have arrested few guys suspected of leaked lesbian sex video at Enugu.

According to this man, the boys are allegedly part of a gang of 7 members, who specializes in blackmailing the ladies, and they presumably guys who instigated the publication of leaked viral lesbian porn video ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke.

The reporter used his page on Facebook, to post photos from the places of detention alleged offenders with the caption.

Well, as shared by Martin Beck Nworah on Facebook:


A seven man syndicate of young guys who specialize in blackmailing young ladies (especially UNIZIK students) were caught by the police at Enugu. From investigation, these guys were the people who orchestrated the release of the lesbian video of the former Miss Anambra. They met their waterloo when they tried the same trick on another lady who was a former Unizik student but currently an upcoming actress and a model.

The reporter used his page on Facebook, to post photos from the places of detention alleged offenders

Their mode of operation is very simple. They open female Facebook accounts and scout for unsuspecting young ladies. These guys will operate the said accounts as ladies and become very friendly with the said girls. Inundated with promises of making them become celebrities and promising to crop out their faces before posting pictures, these unsuspecting girls will send nude pictures and shot lesbian videos in return for a particular sum of money(around 100k). Immediately they get hold of these videos or pictures, they will blackmail them into returning the money or else they publish the video or pictures. I, as Martin Beck Nworah, is categorically stating that this is a verified fact because I have seen victims in the past. And even if you do, they will still keep the materials and use it in blackmailing you when they feel you have become popular or achieved something.

Guys who specialize in blackmailing young ladies

In the case of the former Miss Anambra, after extorting so much money from her, she became fed up and threatened to deal with them since she is now a beauty queen. Remember, her lesbian video was shot in her year one in the university even before she dreamt of contesting for Miss Anambra in 2015. When these boys saw they can no longer extort more money from her, they decided to start releasing her video(One single video they decided to cut in parts). They also screen grabbed parts of the video and released as pictures to the public.

Guys who specialize in blackmailing young ladies

While we wait for official statement from the security outfits, this is not in defense of anybody. I promised to physically follow this issue and see to its logical end. Thank God, we are making progress and getting to the roots. Before you form an opinion on social media, please try and verify facts if you can.

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For our parents, I have repeatedly begged you to be close to your daughters and provide enough guidance for them. Just try your best and make sure you provide enough for them. Teach them how to be contented with whatever you can provide. We thank God these guys were caught today, only God knows how many ladies they have destroyed their future in the past.

Guys who specialize in blackmailing young ladies

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.




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