What African celebrities we didn't know were gay?

Who are the most popular black celebrities who decided not to hide their sexual orientation on public? With whom does M. Ndegeocello have relations? Read the article to learn the latest information about LGBT stars.

gay celebrities

Black gay celebrities become rather widespread phenomenon in the world of entertainments. Several African actors, comedians, journalists and athletes admitted that someone of them is a lesbian, gay or bisexual. This list of homosexual black celebrities is regularly replenished and possesses great popularity. Many famous Afro-Americans have declared that it was hardly to them to be in society after they have declared their sexual orientation. This is the list of Afro-Americans brave gay celebrities who refuse to come out, who lay a way for future generations.

Gay celebrities list

Wanda Sykes

Who is the most famous person who is homosexual black celebrity? Wanda Sykes heads our list. The actress and comedian, television and film producer and screenwriter has publicly told about her preferences in private life on meeting of same-sex marriage in 2008. She has married the wife some time before it and couple has two children.

gay celebrities who refuse to come out


Talk show host, television producer, drag queen, singer-songwriter – RuPaul has appeared in the musical industry with a hit Supermodel – You Better Work. Since then he has devoted his life to advance of LGBT in everything that he does.


The list of gay celebrities who play straight is continued by Raven-Symone. Comedian, television producer, fashion model, film producer and actress of African origin in day when in the USA same-sex marriage was legalized, has declared on her Twitter: 'I was in admiration when has learned today that in the world there is one more country, which has legalized same-sex marriage. Of course, now I am not going to marry, but I can be precisely sure that I have such opportunity from now on'.

 Gay celebrities list

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Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello is a musician of African origin who lives in Germany. She is a bisexual, and she was involved in relations with Rebecca Walker. They are one of the most popular gay celebrities couples. Meshell Ndegeocello was nominated for 10 Grammy awards.

Paris Barclay

Copywriter, television director, television producer and screenwriter Paris Barclay didn't hide his orientation already when he studied at college. He and his old partner, Christopher Mason, got married in 2008 and adopted two children.

gay celebrities who play straight

Andre Leon Talley

The Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley has begun his career as Andy Warhol's assistant. In one of interview, he has told: ‘I had very cheerful events and wide homosexual experience and I swear that I never slept with unmarried designers in my life. Never wanted, never asked, never came nearer, never bought, during all my career – never, with no one, lean or thick – never’. Now he lives in the North California and took part in such popular TV-shows as ‘America's Next Top Model’ and ‘Sex and the City’.

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels also doesn't hide his orientation. He says that he was never going to do it. He has reported Arsenio Hall: ‘I never disappeared from other views… Mom's heels, when she went down the stairs and father who plays cards with his friends were my brightest memories’.

gay celebrities couples

Jason Collins

Several black athletes also admitted that they are gays. The player of NBA Jason Collins declared himself gay in interview with Sports Illustrated in 2013. He is the first male active athlete who positions himself as gay on any of American sports meets. His announcement has caused the mixed reactions from his supporting players and mass media.

Sheryl Swoopes

The player of Women's national basketball association Sheryl Swoopes declared that she was a lesbian in 2005. She said: ‘I’ll never stop to be the one who I am. Nobody can control that with whom he or she falls in love. I also can’t’.

gay celebrities couples 1

Newsanchor Robin Roberts

Newsanchor Robin Roberts publicly declared that she was a gay in Facebook. The woman said: ‘At present I am in state of peace and am crowded with pleasure and gratitude. I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health. I am grateful for all the family, my long-term girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we are going to celebrate magnificent New Year together’. She dated with her partner Amber for more than 10 years.

Tracy Chapman

The singer and author of songs Tracy Chapman publicly never discussed her sexuality, but it is widely known that she was in relations with author of ‘A Color Purple’ – Alice Walker. Chapman is an icon of homosexuality, who has written empowering songs, such as ‘Talking About Revolution’.

gay celebrities couples 2

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has composed the open message in his Tumblr, having declared that he had romantic relations with other person of the same sex when he was 19 years old. He immediately became a gay symbol as there are very few musicians who were capable to tell about their sexuality in hip-hop and R&B. The cofounder of Def Jam, Russell Simmons, has told: ‘Today is a big day for hip-hop. This is a day, which will define who we are really. Your decision to tell about your sexual orientation gives hope and light to a large number of young people who still live in fear’.

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