What are the best Nicki Minaj's dresses?

Nicki Minaj is definitely a unique character in modern pop culture that for sure deserves attention. Keep reading to see the best Nicki's dresses.


Nicki Minaj is not only a platinum performer, but also a style icon. Her rap videos feature outlandish costumes, for which she received a nickname "Barbie." She prefers tight clothes from famous designers, so in order to dress like Nicki Minaj you must be fearless in your choice of wardrobe.

Nicky has African, Indian and Chinese roots, which are very noticeable in her striking and unusual appearance.

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  • Nicki often breaks all the rules in her outfits and makeup! Her makeup artists can apply too much powder, which will look in sharp contrast with the real skin color of the star, or put on huge unrealistic false eyelashes. Despite the madness and the brightness of the outfits Nicki, she's got a lot to learn. Let’s take a look at the best outfits of the star and remember that is okay to do, and what is not, what can flatter and what can spoil your image.

nicki minaj

  • If you evaluate the style of Nicki Minaj in general, the style is very crazy and suitable only for a bright confident person in show business. Nicki likes to impress, and most importantly, the fans always remember her because of her unusual style, the constant change of outfits and wigs. It is interesting that many people never pay attention to Nicky’s musical compositions but only notice her bright and crazy looks.

nicki minaj


  • The craziest thing about Nicki Minaj is her ability to regularly change wigs. On Monday, she's a blonde, in the middle of the week she's a brunette, at the weekend she has a rainbow-colored hair on his head. With hundreds of replaceable wigs, you get a fantastic opportunity for a change of style and image, but unfortunately, that’s what the stars do, not the ordinary girls.

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