What are the best Rihanna's hairstyles?

Dream to look like Rihanna? Checkup Rihanna hairstyles here! Choose the best shape and cut for you! Find out everything you need to know about the evolution of Rihanna hairstyles here!

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This singer used to conquer audiences around the world not only due to music success or roles in the movie, but also due to a constant change of image. In addition to the stunning costumes and makeup, Rihanna loves to change and experiment with her own hair. Therefore, Rihanna hairstyles are examined and copied so closely. It seems that Rihanna hair is beautiful with any hairstyle and any color.

Rihanna Hairstyles

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Back in 2006, Rihanna wore luxurious long hair. With long hair, Rihanna was very beautiful. Stylists loved to twist it into luxurious curls or straighten perfectly. However, she suddenly said goodbye to such beauty, preferring haircut called ‘Bob’. This conventional haircut was embodied in a variety of styles: the hair was straight, curled with small curls, the divided side parting, and then the bang appeared. Since 2010 the singer has cut her hair even shorter, with shaven temples and neck. Rihanna short hair made her look very cute.

rihanna styles

Even then, Rihanna began to change hair color. Suddenly the brunette star was transformed into a platinum blonde. Soon she decided to dye her hair a bright red color.

Her hair grew back gradually, and Rihanna returned to the white hue, however not for long. Today, the singer once again became a brunette. Of course, it is difficult to keep up with the styles of Rihanna, but no doubt, despite the fact she experiments with her image, in any case, she looks just gorgeous.

Stylish hairstyle

Stylish rihanna hairstyle

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The appearance of Rihanna has undergone many changes, but they were all ‘perfect to her face’. Everyone knows that Rihanna is a young lady with changeable moods and views. She tends to remain constant contrast with the surrounding like a real show-girl. For her it is quite a usual thing to shock the viewer. But despite her eccentricity in the approach of the selection of hairstyles, she consistently holds the honorary title of world icon of hair.

Interesting looks

Interesting Ri looks

It is Rihanna, who gives mainstream not only for hairstyles, haircuts, but even for the shade of hair. However, she always manages to change it in so interesting way that we understand – it is not given to everyone. But Rihanna triumphantly continues to experiment with her hair, of which there is not too much left, and again the singer is rescued thanks to hair extension. But the result, as they say, justifies any means.

Studying the depth of the Internet you can find an infinite number of times of changed Rihanna hairstyles, which optionally can be not only to studied in details, but also repeated in practice, of course, if there is a good professional.

The evolution of Rihanna's hairstyles

The evolution of Rihanna's hairstyles

So, we should start with 2005, when an ordinary girl, who did not stand out, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was just beginning a career of pop singer. At first glance, you would not remember her, except that face, which was extremely expressive. Then Rihanna was long-haired girl with a mop of chestnut curls. It allowed her to do a lot of different hairstyles, and she did them: curls as the style of ‘disco’, the modern styling torn. And success was largely dependent on healthy, shiny, well-groomed hair, which in itself already looked beautiful and natural, but without something original that would be associated with Rihanna on stage and let her look brighter than her colleagues.

Rihanna long hair

Not many celebrities dare to have radical experiments with appearance, because an error on the red carpets can cost a fatal fiasco for their career. And so they go in the course of time and proven solutions, which are selected by stylists: the dress or styling hair color is always appropriate. But when it comes to Rihanna, no stereotypes could hold her back. As soon as you recall the red hair the image of Rihanna appears in your mind. Recalling the shaved temples again the first recall is a precisely Rihanna. After all, she seems to have experienced everything, including even the dreadlocks. Recently, she wanted to resort to the most serious step: a short hairstyle. But the singer experiments with her hair did not stop on that.

cool Rihanna's hairstyles

So, since 2007, Rihanna is still remembered as a good girl with long hair, laid waves. But suddenly Rihanna cut shoulder-length hair, turning in a long straight ‘bob’, which was perfectly straightened. It was the hairstyle, with which she captivated the world singing her hit single Umbrella. However, ‘bob’ pretty soon bored her, and at the end of 2007 the hairstyle of Rihanna got a lighter shade than the entire hairstyle.

But there comes 2008 and pointedly short hairstyle was completed with jagged bang. 2009 was marked with much shorter hair of singer with a hint of a Mohawk. Soon it grew longer and became contrasting white. After reddish, chocolate-bright hair Rihanna turned into a sweet lady with her short haircut, opening a new face of the singer: big, beautiful eyes, a sharp chin and stunned lips. By the way now she changed her hairstyle again. Her fans (especially African ones) just loved it! This is how Rihanna looks right now:

Rihanna 2016

No wonder why Rihanna is admired and heartily applauded all over the world! She was called a fashion icon hundreds of times. She inspired people to change their looks and start new life. No doubt, all hairstyles look gorgeous on her! So what will we see next? It’s certain that Rihanna will surprise us! 

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