What are the best Rihanna's outfits?

Rihanna is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has dusky skin, so it seems charming. Because of the magnificent feminine proportions, which can be envied by any woman, Rihanna can allow wearing what she wants.

So, let’s see Rihanna shining bright like a dimond!

Rihanna is beautiful in the clothing of masculine style — trousers, suits, jackets and so on. This is easy to explain, because this woman with such a high concentration of femininity and sexuality can afford to wear clothes in masculine look, which accentuate her excellent figure.

I especially want to point out the white dresses, which are very suitable for Rihanna. The dress in which the singer appeared on the VMA awards with a new short haircut causes delight. Open back, no details, except for draperies and dark red lipstick — it is perfect combination.


White dress it’s an atypical choice in the framework of the solemn event, but it is the most solemn kind that you can imagine.

The light flowing dress with draperies this is another one "fad" of Rihanna.

Rihanna got lucky with the physique and figure, and she looks great in the long skirts.

The recent Rihanna’s experiment with her blond hair was surprisingly successful. Many people associate her with Tina Turner due to the styling. Many persons had also noted that the long hair falling on eyes, disheveled hair and black roots of hair emphasized the natural sexuality of Rihanna and her favourite image of the "bad girls".

Her casual clothing aren’t sometimes so casual and simple, and sometimes are purposefully sloppy. The closing can’t hide the sexuality of Rihanna, this is always on the surface. As, for example, in the image with the orange Stella McCartney top, ripped denim shorts and Christian Louboutin boots.

Choosing the right length of the dress, and her underlined silhouette, she always looks great. She also chooses many elegant color combinations. You can not to have the figure of supermodel, but knowing your advantages and disadvantages you can look no worse than Hollywood stars. The stylists of Rihanna sometimes pick for her the simple dresses that would eventually be the best outfit for the unusual beauty of the singer. The suit of a slim pencil skirt and a white shirt is a direct proof that it is not necessary to invent a stylish suit to look stylish. The classic will do everything for you.

Finally, our personal favorite is a dress, in which Rihanna appeared on the Best Dressed Gala. It was incredibly elegant, the perfect black dress made the singer to feel special that evening, and to be the main decoration of the red carpet.

I also offer you to see Rihanna's video clip of the song "Diamonds".

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