What are the best Yemi Alade's African attires?

Do you want to find out about unique African style of Yemi Alade? Read the article and find new information.

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade a popular Nigerian singer. She is best known for her single called “Johny”. Her powerful voice captivates and surprises listeners. Her songs lead different music charts in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom.Yemi Alade was lucky enough to perform almost all over the world. But she is famous not only for her strong and charming voice but also for her perfect style, fashion taste and beautiful, original hairstyles. In her images, she prefers to use ethnic African motives, ornaments and accessories. Yemi Alade looks equally good in any style. Wearing a sparkling with stones mini dress or some leather high waist pants with the simple white top and having a crazy afro hairdressing.


Her ethnic orientation of fashion industry is a correct way of creative search and to create a winning fresh colourful image. Anyone can stay indifferent to her exotic outfits.

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African attires

Most often she takes over prints bright, colourful and unique. However, separate forms of clothing are borrowed and adapted to the current trends. A distinctive feature of singer`s African clothes bright geometric prints and animalistic, light fabrics and styles. Also, she makes a great emphasis on all kinds of decorative elements, first of all, brushes and ropes. However, not everyone can properly combine these things with other wardrobe items. Yemi Alade is very careful in the preparation of the kit. She does not forget about jewellery, it also plays an important role in the creation of the African image. It is, first of all, wood and metal bracelets, necklaces with pictures of animals and the suspension in the form of teeth of wild jungle inhabitants. The decor orders use small pebbles, feathers, animal teeth, claws, beads, pieces of fur.

Real chic outlook

She modestly and harmoniously blends the individual elements of ethnics with the business or casual suits. For this Yemi Alade uses contrasting accessories layered jewellery, colourful scarves, handbags, non-traditional forms, stylised shoes. The ready image is saturated, elegant and appropriate in any situation.

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