What are the most bizarre Donald Trump's quotes?

Are you interested in an odious President candidate Donald Trump and want to read about his most scandal quotation? You can do it in our article.

President Donald Trump

In the forefront of the latest world news, connected with the Presidential elections in the USA, we would like to remind you the most bizarre statements of the winner of that ballot. So, here are the most shocking quotes of future US President Donald Trump.

He is a very active user of social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram. An interesting fact is that his Twitter account is more popular than Barack Obama`s one. In his Instagram, he often posts photos with different pieces of life advice.

First of all Donald Trump is famous for his irreconcilable and quite radical views on different questions. For example, he gave the world a lot of quotations connected with Mexicans. Once he told that when Mexico sends its people to the USA, they do not send the best ones. They send people who have a lot of problems with the law. They carry the drugs, many of them are criminals, they are rapists, although some, I suppose, are nice people. Later he also promised to build a big wall on the Mexican border and make Mexicans pay for it themselves. Saying so he awkwardly played the cards of Americans, connected with their antipathy to those neighbours, who constantly strive to come to visit the USA and stay there longer. Mexicans found a very original way to address his sayings, they created special piñatas which looked similar to Donald Trump. Those toys became very popular among Mexicans and even Americans.

Donald Trump

Also, Mr Trump is well known for his very racial quotes. He once told that he has very good relations with “blacks” and that he does not trust his money to no one, except those little men in yamakas.

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And, of course, everyone knows that Donald Trump is quite the chauvinist. He likes disparaging statements about women. Once he wrote on his Twitter that Hillary Clinton cannot be satisfactory to her own husband, so how could she satisfy the United States of America. But very soon he deleted this post from his account. Another famous quote which almost destroyed the whole his election campaign was also connected with women. He said that you can do with a woman everything you want if you are famous. And he even said that men should treat women like a shit. How do you like it?

Actually, future American President is very self-confident. Once he said that his beauty is confined in his richness. We can realise that Mr Trump is sure that he is absolutely irresistible. And of course, he likes to say again and again that he is very, very, very smart guy.

Donald Trump is among those people who believe in conspiracy theory. He does not believe in global warming. He said that he does not see any mark of global warming because it is very cold and snowy in New York. He said that he actually dreams of that global warming. And also he speaks out against vaccination of children.

He is a very proud and loving father of his daughter Ivanka. He even tells that he would like to be her boyfriend if she were not his daughter.

His knowledge of grammar is not the perfect one. He sometimes makes quite serious and awkward mistakes, sometimes even inventing new words. But his self-confidence compensates his tongue-tie. So he promised that his outstanding communication skills will help to deal with IS.

Donald Trump

Sometimes it seems that Mr Trump`s hobby is to offend other celebrities.

Arianna Huffington, Rosie O'Donnell, Bette Midler fell the victims of his rudeness.

Donald Trump often appropriates a famous quotation of Ronald Reagan’s election campaign. He said that he invented the phrase “We will make America great again” a year ago. But actually, it was used yet 35 years ago.

He stated that he is the worst nightmare of democrats. And the most currently central statement was about his probable presidency. Donald Trump asserted that he would become the best President whom God ever created.So, very soon the time will show us whether he was right or not.

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