What are the most shocking celebrities' body transformations?

What are the most shocking body transformations of popular celebrities? Who of them did more than three operations? Read the information below to learn about it and see before/after photos.

Celebrities body transformations

Celebrities body transformations – before and after

Plastic surgeries have cardinally changed the life of many stars. They have lifted a self-assessment of someone and have positively affected the careers. But the intervention of surgeons has spoiled someone's appearance irrevocably. These are the most known amongst the operations of celebrities.

  • Who knows what would happen with acting career of Angelina Jolie, if she didn't work at her beauty? No doubt, Angie was always an attractive girl, but plasticity of nose and correction of a shape of cheekbones have brought her to the pedestal. Thanks to skillful surgeons.
  • Donatella Versace is one of the most famous victims of plasticity. Donatella has turned the face into a mask, which becoming bigger and bigger every year. The head of the fashionable house has added all of this with an orange suntan.
  • Megan Fox has made herself. Pretty appearance, which Megan has from nature, has been fairly corrected by plasticity: cheekbones, lips, and a shape of a nose. All this has allowed the actress to create the appearance of her dream.
  • Mickey Rourke, on the contrary, has turned from nice and even sexy man into the parody. In a word, Mickey's appearance often changes by means of male plasticity and it is not always easy to follow his body transformations.
  • Victoria Beckham was always very critical of her appearance, but the biggest problem for the star was her nose. But, fortunately, today such problems are easily solved: rhinoplasty – and there are no more complexes.
  • Plastic surgeries of Demi Moore have affected all spheres of her appearance. She has made a nose, a chin, lips, and a breast.

body transformations

  • Kim Kardashian is a leading person in body transformations. Rhinoplasty and increase in a breast seem children's toys in comparison with her well-known buttocks. However, the female plasticity of buttocks has turned her from the famous girl into a super-popular star. And what is remarkable, photographers take photos of her butts not less often than of her face.
  • Though Nichole Kidman denies the fact of plastic surgeries, her face has changed in recent years. The actress said ‘goodbye’ to living mimicry long ago. And the case is, of course, not in plasticity, but in cosmetology. The star constantly makes Botox injections, which are capable of changing appearance not worse than a scalpel.
  • Pamela Anderson wouldn't become Pamela Anderson without her numerous operations on increase in a breast. At first, the actress excited admirers with her outstanding forms in series of Baywatch, and then admirers just monitored her changes through the years.
  • In the life of Melanie Griffith, all her hobbies reach excessiveness. It was with alcohol, and so it was with plasticity. It is known what it has led to Melanie's face lead in ratings of the most unsuccessful operations of stars for many years.
  • Carla Bruni, one of the most beautiful models of the 90th, in a pursuit of youth hasn't considered that it is better to grow old beautifully than to change so cardinally. Unfortunately, it is a mistake of many stars. After one operation, there is a wish to do the second.
  • Model Janis Dickinson, who some years ago was very beautiful, already risks getting a name of a victim of plasticity like Donatella Versace. Now she is the most suntanned celebrity.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein

  • Jocelyn Wildenstein who more often is called just cat-woman wouldn't be so known if she hasn't spoiled herself with plasticity. Well, everyone has the own ways to glory!
  • Tara Reid was fond of Botox one of the first celebrities, that, by the way, doesn't save her from wrinkles around eyes anymore. The actress also changed a shape of her nose and has increased a breast. But the result of all these efforts can hardly be considered positive.
  • Scarlett Johansson at the very beginning of the career has changed appearance to the best thanks to rhinoplasty. The nose of the young actress was reminding the snout. Surgery has made it graceful and slightly hitched up.
  • A few years ago, the changed Renée Zellweger has surprised the public very much. It is impossible to tell that after plasticity she looks bad for her age. However, nobody canceled the fact that it is difficult to recognize her.

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