What are the worst memes of Kim Kardashian crying?

How does Kim Kardashian crying become a meme? Why people are laughing at Kim Kardashian crying face? How does Kim Kardashian crying illustration gain her popularity?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the Hollywood legends. Despite her enormous bankroll and marriage to Kanye West, she still might be sometimes upset. Her career in television started in 2007 where she played herself in a National Wide TV Show about her family life. The show was an outbreak and there were 126 episodes. The Fame come to her in 2009 when she created the official Facebook page and gathered over 23 million likes from that time. She also created her page on Instagram in 2012 and also she did not stop on that with creating every product about herself, even a mobile app.   Her Kim Kardashian crying face has become a meme of the internet.

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The reason why Kim Kardashian crying selfie has become so popular for over these years is the face expression itself. It`s funny and at the same time a little bit unbeautiful. The secret may lie with her countless plastic surgeon working over her face. Moreover, it seems that she acknowledged that even her minus might be a superior advantage. Kim Kardashian crying illustration gains popularity and she knows that, and now desires to express this face for every little reason like Kim Kardashian crying over earring, crying over the wet floor or else.

Kim Kardashian

The fame and fans are hard to get and easy to lose. Kim Kardashian seems to be natural at gaining popularity even with her funny-ugly face. It`s still a meme over the internet and can be used to show almost everything. Usually, it can be met when people cry about something minor or ridiculous. Like crying Kardashian over her “miserable life” on the TV screen when she gets a salary supposedly equal to $50 million per year. Kim Kardashian funny crying was not met without imitation of her face from actors and even just simple teenagers.

Kim Kardashian

Furthermore, it seems that even her not pretty side can make followers for her which means more money and fame in a long run.

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