What are top 5 richest actors in Nollywood?

What is biography of well-paid actors interesting with? Read the information below to learn the hottest fact about Nollywood reach people.

top 5 richest actors in Nollywood

There are a lot of talents and bright faces in actors’ fund. But who are the highest paid actors? Especially for you we have created this list below.

Richest Nollywood actors and actresses

1. Richard Mofe Damijo

RMD is better known as Richard Mofe Damijo. He was born on July 6, 1961. The man is not only Nigerian actor, but also a politician. In 2005, he has got African Oscar Award as the Best Actor in leading role. In January 2009, he became a commissioner for culture and tourism in the state of Delta of Nigeria. Richard Mofe Damijo was born in Warri, the state of Delta. He studied in Middle West College, Warri and Anglican High school. He was a clubman of acting skills. He has entered the University of Benin to continue his education. Future actor was engaged in studying of theater art in 1997. Later Mr. Richard has come back to institute to study legal laws at university of Lagos. In 2004, he has received his diploma.

Richest Nollywood actors and actresses

2. Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke began the career in 2001. Now he is one of the highest paid actors in the Nigerian film industry. He is also one of the most successful stars as he took part in more than 150 movies! Recently he has created his own company of film production, which he called Untamed Productions. Jim is also skilled film producer. One of movies, which he has created recently, is called '1 dollar'. It has a great success among admirers. He has made continuation of the same movie called '2 dollars'. Now he works on other blockbuster under the name Shades White, which promises to be the most successful among Jim's movies. Jim Iyke has also started an own musical label and his own first album called 'Who I am?', in which some most successful musicians of Nigeria, such as TuFace Idibia, Sound Sultan and so on have taken part. However, the most part of the income from his album was offered to shelters. Besides that, he is a professional film actor, producer, musician and businessman. Jim Iyke is also philanthropist. Actually, he has set up a non-governmental organization aimed at education of needy children or children with limited opportunities.

Richard Mofe Damijo nigeria

3. Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh is Nigerian actor and comedian. In 2008, he won African Oscar Award for the best leading male role. Owoh was born in Enugu, Nigeria. After ending of elementary and high school, he has gone to university of Ilorin and studied engineering. Already during study at Owoh University, he has begun to take part in various television and film productions. He played a major role in movie Osuofia in London. He is also known for song in the movie the Owner. However, then his song was forbidden by censorship. In 2007, the actor was arrested in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a result of 7-month investigation by the Dutch police under the name Operation Apollo. Nkem Owoh was arrested during musical show. The actor has been released later. In November 2009, he was kidnapped in East Nigeria. His thieves demanded repayment of 15 million Naira. The man was released after his family members allegedly have brought a payment of 1.4 million Naira. High actor salary helped them.

Jim Iyke nigeria

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4. Osita Iheme (Pawpaw)

Iheme was born in Mbaitoli, Imo state in family of five children. After end of primary and secondary education in state, he entered the University of Enugu and studied mass communications. The actor has a small constitution, and together with actor Khayelitsha they are often mentioned as a small duet. Rare appearance of Iheme has given him advantage. He became different and unique from all other actors in Nollywood. In 2003, he has found popularity, having acted in comedy Aki na Ukwa, in which he played Pawpaw role, that is a harmful child. The actor played a role of baby in many movies, but has begun to take part in more mature and serious pictures later. He became more many-sided and has received respect both in Nigerian film industry, and among admirers.

Ramsey Nouah

5. Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah was born in the state of Edo, Nigeria in family of Israeli father and mother from Yoruba on July 16, 1973. He is married on Philips-Nouah Emelia and has 2 children. He graduated the University of Lagos and has received an education in the field of mass communication and speaks three languages: Ibo, Yoruba and English. He loves boxing, golf, soccer, martial arts, swimming, driving the bicycle, basketball and tennis. He is very popular actor and skillfully carries out tricks. He managed to get an award as the Best Actor of 2010 for leading role (AMAA). Career of Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah began when he played a major role in Nigerian television soap operas. Since then he has appeared in numerous movies where he played a leading role. He was called lover-boy because of numerous roles in romantic movies. Unusual light tone of the person made him unique as he has been chosen for roles in several romantic movies at once. In 2010. he won an African Oscar Award.

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