What celebrities were Rihanna's lovers?

"I'm open to love, but the man who wants to receive my heart has to earn it. Because as soon as they get what they want, they desire something else. Men are like hunters, and they demand the chase"- Rihanna says.

Rihanna is silent about her personal life. However, she admits that because of the busy tour schedule and a busy working day it is virtually no time for men. But is it true?
Rihana`s personal life is often in the spotlight of the paparazzi and constant media attention. Although the singer doesn't like to discuss the details of her private life, the information still leaked.

P Diddy

It is known that she had a brief love affair with rapper P Diddy. He is well'known American rapper and music producer.
Rihhana ans P Diddy

Chris Brown

In 2008 Rihanna was in a love romance with the singer Chris Brown. However, the journalist reported the scandal in celebrity's relationship soon. Chris Brown brutally beat Rihanna in his car and even escapes from the scene of the crime. Because of this accident, he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.

But in 2010 Chris announced his desire to rebuild the relationship with his ex-girlfriend and even made the neck tattoo of Rihanna's beaten face. In the spring of 2012 Chris, Rihanna and Robin recorded the song Birthday Cake. But the former relations are not resumed.
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Travis Scott

Rihanna also had the relationship with the young rapper Travis Scott. The love was so strong that the singer did not want to spend with him even for a day.
Rihanna and Travis Scott

Leonardo Di Caprio

In 2015, the tabloids were talking about romance between Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio. The couple has appeared too often together. As it turned out, Leonardo and Rihanna were only friends.
Rihanna and DiCaprio

Richie Akiva

But the love relationship was between the Di Caprio`s friend – Richie Akiva. He is the owner of a chain of Nightclubs. Rihanna and Akiva met in the Caribbean where the girl in the company of Leonardo celebrated the New Year.
Rihanna and Aciva

Negus Sealy

When Rihanna was at the carnival, on the island of Barbados, she was met with a handsome, Negus Sealy. It is known that she had a passion love affair with Negus Sealy before she became a global celebrity. The native ladies call him "God of love" there. 
Negus Saly


Finally confirming their relationship at the MTV VMA 2016, held recently in New York, Rihanna and Negus Sealy decided not to hide their feelings and demonstrate them in action.

Rahanna and Drake

For example - tattoos: Rihanna recently made a new tattoo of a shark on his choice.


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