What D’Banj has to say about his secret wedding?

Did D’Banj really have his secret wedding? Find out the news now.

d'banj secret wedding

There was much buzz about this music personality. D’Banj even threatened to leave his music career for a while to find a good wife. Eventually, everyone talked about his secret wedding. But was there really one?

What about D’Banj’s secret wedding?

Did D’Banj really have married secretly? Or was it just a PR trick to create much buzz about him in the media? Well, there are many doubts about the subject. Presently some sources state than D’Banj shared the new information about his wedding with them.

It turns out there was no secret wedding in the court of his father’s house. What happened there was just a formal introduction. Bride’s parents arrived at his father’s house and stayed there, as D’Banj did not want to place them in the hotel.

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He did want to avoid the unwelcomed publicity and extra guests. So, the introduction event was done secretly. The two families met to bless the future husband and wife and come to an agreement on these matters.

It’s entirely possible we are to look forward to a beautiful wedding of this famous Nigerian musician. And it might be a public one, too!

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