What do Rihanna's and Drake's new tattoos mean?

Drake and Rihanna have new tattoos! Do you wander what they are and what the meaning is? Then you definitely need to check out this exciting article!

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake are a great famous couple who inspire thousands of people around the world.

And even though they kept their relationships secret for a while now everyone knows about it simply by looking at Rihanna’s and Drake’s tattoos. Their new tattoos are sharks.

According to Riri, it is a symbol of their date when rapper took her to the aquarium. It is very cute that Drake decided to make the same tattoo in honour of his girlfriend.

The sources state that their relationship is getting more and more serious. The 28-year-old Rihanna and her older colleague Drake might even get married soon!

The rapper, who actually comes from Canada, cares about her really much. The critics say that the way he looks at her is just adorable.

You can understand his intentions simply by looking at them when they are together. However, it seems like not everyone is satisfied with such news. The ex-boyfriend of Riri, Chris Brown seems to be really jealous.

Some sources state that the news about their shark tattoos made him really mad. He thinks that Drake isn’t the right man for the singer. Chris has other ideas of the man who would be perfect for Rihanna.

For some reason, he believes that the intentions of Drake are not serious and that he is just using her. Moreover, Brown isn’t sure that their relationship will last any longer.

At the same time, however, he seems to be really scared that he will propose to his ex girlfriend and he would do anything to prevent it from happening. However, he has no right to vote.

Rihanna and Drake

Right now Drake is the only one for Riri so she should only listen to her heart. The first time when we heard about those two having romance was back in 2009.

Back then the singer just broke up with Chris and the fans began rumouring that there was something between Drake and her as they were seen together quite often. But they denied having any relationship.

Starting from 2010 they began working together. There were a few singles that they released and that became extremely popular. They also made a few music videos together where there were some hints on romance.

They kept on denying everything until 2014 when the couple finally gave up and admitted that there was something between them that made them interested in each other.

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This news was really exciting for their fans as most of them shipped them back in 2009. However, the famous couple broke up by the end of the year.

It was really shocking news but soon enough they came back together again. Even though they didn’t make any official statements, paparazzi would spot them everywhere.

They kept on communicating and they most likely kept on dating, secretly. During most of their interviews, one of them would always mention another. Drake would always say that Rihanna was a great inspiration for him.

Once he even gave a speech about her. He said that they shared the same passion for music and they were doing everything to improve their styles and the quality of music videos.

The rapper said that he loved Rihanna for a long time and that she was the only one. After this speech the couple was seen together even more often. They were noticed in several clubs and in a lot of other places.

Rihanna and Drake​​​​​​​

They would go on vacation together which already means a lot. The critics and fans believe that now it’s getting more serious than just on and off relationship that they had before.

Getting identical tattoos means people are really close to each other and they are not planning to break up. Most of the people think that it’s a very cute move.

Moreover, it is believed that the Canadian rapper would propose to her quite soon. But these two like to hide things so we’ll never know...

Maybe it’s already happened! It’s really hard to ‘track’ their relationship to say how long the couple has actually been together. However, it’s not the most important thing.

The only thing that matters is that right now they are really happy and there is nothing that can change it! The celebrities are actually almost the same age – Drake is only one year older (29).

Paparazzi keep on seeing them together all the time. And that’s quite understandable as they let everyone know that they are together. They appear together on every award ceremony and every photo shoot.

Rihanna and Drake

But what about the tattoos? Was it a good idea? Some people think that inking yourself isn’t the best idea.

There are a lot of examples of famous people who have done it and then had to erase it because they were not seeing that person anymore.

And getting rid of the tattoo isn’t that easy – it’s the process that requires a lot of effort, time and money. However, when two people are in love they don’t really think that breaking up is even the option.

A lot of couples tend to think that way. But if it lasts that long for Drake and Rihanna than maybe it’s getting serious! We can only wish them luck.

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