What do we need to know about Omoni Oboli?

Omoni Oboli, who is she? What is Omoni Oboli biography? Who is her husband? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about the successful actress in this article!

Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli was born on 22nd of April in 1978. Omoni Oboli age is 36 years old. Omoni Oboli is a popular Nigerian actress, director scriptwriter and also a producer. She has become a trained digital filmmaker in New York at its Film Academy. Omoni Oboli is a very gifted writer. She has a couple of intriguing, interesting screenplays in her credit: including ‘Being Mrs Elliott’, ‘Fatal Imagination’, ‘The First Lady’ and also ‘Wives on Strike’.

Omoni Oboli biography

Omoni Oboli biography

 In 2010 Omoni Oboli managed to win the Best Actress award – it is Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and also the award for Best Actress during the Harlem International Film Festival. She was also nominated for the award of Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2011. In 2014 at the 2014 ELOY Awards Omoni got the award called Big Screen Actress of the Year, for her film Being Mrs Elliott.

Last year, in 2015, Omoni became the personality of the year according to Sun Nollywood. She is also successful as the Director with such her movies, as: ‘The First Lady’, ‘Being Mrs Elliott’ and ‘Wives on Strike’.

Early Life & Her Education

Omoni Oboli education

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A girl was born in Nigeria, Edo State, Benin City. But she lives in Mosogar, Delta State. Omoni Oboli studied different foreign languages (mostly French) at the popular University of Benin, which she graduated with numerous honors.


Omoni Oboli career

Omoni started her formal film career with her first interesting role in ‘Bitter Encounter’, which was in 1996. There she played a cute secretary. Her character next was in movie ‘Shame’. Then Omoni began playing the lead female roles in three major movies, like: ‘Destined To Die’, ‘Not My Will’ and ‘Another Campus Tale.’

Omoni jumped into a movie career in 1996, but then left this industry to complete her important university education. Immediately after graduation she got married and didn’t go back to filming industry for a decade.

Omoni Oboli movies

Since she has returned to the industry, Omoni has jumped to the top very fast. It happened due to playing a number of lead and supporting characters and roles in major movies. A girl shows poise, dignity, smooth delivery, class, and huge level of professionalism, which can be seen with the varied roles she’s played. Omoni is a very gifted screenwriter, with a few popular screenplays to her credit. It includes the blockbuster movie, extremely popular ‘Wives On Strike’. Then The Rivals appeared in June 2007. It was a film Omoni co-produced with her close friend. At the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival it won the craved award as the Best International Drama. Since the 2003 festival’s inception it was the first Nigerian movie to be premiered. The film got a 3 star rating of 4 possible by the competitive festival’s judges.

Omoni has become a successful Nollywood actress, because of her strong work ethics and professional demeanor. Playing lead characters in different blockbuster films like ‘Anchor Baby’, ‘The Figurine,’ ‘Being Mrs Elliott’, and soon we will see the films: ‘Feathered Dreams,’ and ‘Fifty’. Omoni has also set the high bar by being the most successful actress in Nollywood, as she has got such international awards as, for example, Best Actress in two popular international festivals in 2010. The Los Angeles Movie Awards and at the Harlem international film festival awarded Omoni for her lead role in the film ‘Anchor Baby’.


Omoni Oboli charity

Omoni Oboli has always had passion to make some changes, so she decided to set up a huge charity organization, which is called Omoni Oboli Foundation. It operates on www.omoniobolifoundation.com website, she uses her popularity and celebrity status to bring well and help needed people, such less the less privileged females and also children in the society. Her foundation works with several serious projects. Such as:

• Lagos street children feeding and providing them a day full of fun with gifts

• Feeding and providing more than two hundred of the poor and disadvantaged kids with places in the Delta Steel Complex, Aladja, also a fun day with a lot of practical gifts.

• Broadening the views of the less privileged kids due to taking the children of Secondary School and Ecole Divine Nursery Primary to a big milk factory to show them how it is made and also packaged.

We mentioned only a few, as they always have plans to do much more, because people’s needs are endless.

Omoni Oboli Filmography

Omoni Oboli Filmography

2009 – Entanglement- with Yemi Blaq, Desmond Elliot and Mercy Johnson

2009 - The Figurine – playing Mona, with Kunle Afolayan and Ramsey Nouah

2010 - Bent Arrows – playing Lola, with Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Desmond Elliot and Stella Damasus-Aboderin

2010 - Anchor Baby – playing Joyce Unanga, with popular Sam Sarpong

2012 - Feathered Dreams – playing Sade, working with Andrew Rozhen

2014 - Brother's Keeper , playing Mena, together with Majid Michel

2014 - Render to Caesar, playing Alero, together with Gbenga Akinnagbe

2014 - Being Mrs Elliot, with Uru Eke, Majid Michel and AY

2014 - Lunch Time Heroes, playing Governor's wife, with pretty Dakore Akande

2015 - The Duplex, playing Adaku, working with Mike Ezuruonye

2015 - As Crazy as it Gets, playing Katherine

2015 - The First Lady, playing Michelle, working with Yvonne Jegede, Alexx Ekubo, Joseph Benjamin and Chinedu Ikedieze

2015 – Fifty, playing Maria, working with Dakore Akande, Ireti Doyle and Nse Ikpe Etim

2016 - Wives on strike, working together with Kalu Ikeagwu, Uche Jombo and Chioma Akpotha

Personal life

Beautiful Omoni

Omoni Oboli husband’s name is Nnamdi Oboli. They have 3 children. The couple is together more than 11 years.

Omoni Oboli speaks on the worst experience of her life

Omoni Oboli sad

A successful lady is still a person. So she knows what sorrow is. Award-winning actress, Omoni Oboli, remembered her terrible situation during the week, referring to what it means to lose a loving mother at age 24, she described a heavy loss as the worst experience of her life.

She said it was the worst experience of all her life. Omoni’s mother had been ill but that didn’t make it any more predictable or less painful. An actress said she lost her mom needlessly, suddenly, and senselessly to a few barbarians, which was just downright gut utterly and wrenching heartbreaking!

Unfortunately, people still cannot tolerate themselves even in 2016. It’s a true shame! Shame on all the ‘people’, who cannot live together with their neighbors in peace, despite of some tribal or religious differences.

God does not sleep! While we wait and pray to God to punish them as he considers it appropriate, we should not ask, crying for justice, because we, people, are more powerful than we know! You can make your voice heard easily! Spear up on all your social media and use each platform, which is available to you. We can be heard!

Omoni Oboli look

Omoni Oboli tries to change the situation in our country, works for it, so we should wish her luck and great patience. She is helping poor people in order to make their lives better. Each of us can try to help (maybe not with money) using a good word, action: carry some water, take someone to hospital, etc. Not everything needs money in our lives, but, unfortunately, without money life is not possible too.

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