What does Davido tell about the challenges of his music career?

What challenges Davido had in his music career? Why his father never supported him?Why was he forced to leave his house? Find these and other shocking facts about Davido’s career in this article!


Every person who reached success has its story. So does Davido, the Afro-pop singer. He had many challenges in his music career.

Davido went through many dramatic episodes with his father, Deji Adeleke. His father was not happy with Davido’s choice to make music. Deji even threatened to arrest everybody who will be found aligning with his son on the grounds of music.

Davido challenges

Career challenges

When Davido was younger, he spent his time with D’banj, but his father always warned him to do so and the music was forbidden. Davido told his roommate that if his father calls, the roommate should never tell where Davido is.

When he left home, his family tried to find him for six months. His parents sent letters to D’banj and Psquare houses. His Dad even called to the school, where he was told that his son missed the past semester.  It seemed that the whole Nigeria knew who Davido was before he even dropped a single. His current manager Kamal was Don Jazzy’s assistant that time. Davido’s father called Kamal and threatened him with arrest.

Davido singer

Davido also shared his opinion about his music style. He can’t call it Afrobeat; he calls it Afrofusion. The reason is that the originator of Afrobeat is Fela and his music differs from Davido’s style.

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Future plans

The singer wants to devote himself to charity because he believes that if everybody does just a little to improve the world, it will become much better.

Davido told about his plans to start a charity foundation. Davido plans to provide financial support to students in his bid to play an important role in the society.  He is going to do that through the Veronica Adeleke Education Scholarship program. Davido will pay fees for four students this year as a beginning of his charity activity. As the program grows, he will increase his charitable hands.

Davido singer challenges

Watch the interview with Davido and learn more facts about the star!

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