What does Iyanya say about marriage and relationship with women?

Handsome and extremely gifted Iyanya was recently asked if he was ever going to get married and what type of woman he was looking for. Check out what he answered to this.

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Nigeria has a number of very prospective bachelors. As you probably know from a talented music guru’s, Iyanya, biography how still has no wife in his house. He has everything now: the fame, the wealth, the support of his fans, and recognition. Everything but a woman.

There are hundreds of ladies that would help me more than happy to appear in Iyanya’s biography as his life partner and a devoted wife, but the singer seems to be reluctant about making this decision. He mentions that back in the times when his mother was alive, and he always thought that she is just being old-fashioned when constantly talking to him about settling down and having a family. He did not listen to her back then. Now he feels kind of sorry about this decision.

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The celebrity mentions that it is not easy being single. He always wanted to come back home to a loving wife and happy children. It is hard enough to be famous and keep working on one’s singing career, but having no one to be there for you during your highs and lows is even more complicated.

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A lot of people believe that Iyanya is a “bad boy” boy who would date a girl for a little bit and the break up with her. However, he says that he is not one. He notes that he was taught that marriage is a lifetime agreement to love and care. He is determined to get married once and stay there till death parts them.

He is ready to go at lengths to make his wife happy, and since he is not going to flee difficulties and hardships in marriage, he is not going to marry someone he is not quite sure about. We know many girls are wondering what type of woman he is interested in dating. Iyanya never specified about the kind of a girl he would go out with. In his thirties, we think he no longer has illusions and expectations, thought he might be looking quite closely at her values.

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Iyanya says that it is complicated for him as a singer to find someone genuinely interested in him, his personality, inner world, and core values. More and more people view him as an object of fame and money. So, he finds it hard to meet someone, to fall in love and get married. Though one he finds such a woman, he won’t hesitate to make her his number one choice.

This is what Iyanya stated about his attitude to marriage and all the relationship stuff. Share what you think with us in the comments below. Have fun!

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