What does Majid Michel say about current Nollywood Films?

Ghanaian top actor Majid Michel has expressed his indignation about the present situation with Nollywood and pointed out the main drawback. Now we are going to give chapter and verse.

Majid Michel

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Nollywood is one of the key points in the sphere of film industry, which goes alongside with Hollywood and Bollywood. The Cinema of Nigeria began to flourish in the 1990s and 2000s, eventually becoming the world's second largest film industry due to the number of annual film premieres, surpassing the United States and being inferior only to the Indian film industry. According to the report CNN, Nigeria earns revenue of $ 250 million from film production, producing about 200 movies per month.

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Now let’s put in remembrance some facts about Majid Michel’s biography and his personal life:

  • His father was an actor and being a small child Majid Michel decided to follow his steps;
  • He studied at the University of Accra, where he mastered a profession of an actor;
  • More than 50 movies of African production are in his piggy bank;
  • He is supposed to be the most far reaching actor not only in Ghana but also across Africa

Nollywood production

Coming back to the Majid Michel’s utterance it can be said that he disappointed due to the fact of fading away the real actors’ play in Nollywood. On the basis of enormous experience of the main character of this article we can make a conclusion that his words have a real meaning, as he for many years has been playing roles varying from bad boy to good boy. What is more, everyone always receives pleasure while watching movies where he is a main hero or even a supporting actor (when he just started his promising career in that field).

Recently, being interviewed, Majid Michel straightforwardly has criticized disregard of Nollywood to the good actors’ play and their attitude towards acting skills and techniques. One more thing that should be mentioned while discussing these things is that he has distinguished the main reason why it happens so. Well, nowadays The Cinema of Nigeria has changed its priorities. In fact, film makers make their focus on the equipment, technologies, cameras and technical art. That is why the actor’s talent is neglected and gradually blown over. Such directness and openness was peculiar to his speech at the party, dedicated to the movie release in Lagos.


And finally, we can’t but enumerate the most famous filmstrips with Majid Michel’s participation:

  • Agony of Christ
  • Somewhere in Africa
  • Brother's Keeper
  • The Department

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