What does Majid Michel say about current Nollywood films?

Majid Michel criticized Nollywood. Why do movie makers destroy the industry? Who thinks only about light and cameras? Latest Majid Michel’s interview is already here!

Majid Michel

Majid Michel, top Ghanaian actor, is certainly one of the most talented actors in the whole African continent.  No matter he gets good boy roles or he gets bad boy roles in films, Majid Michel movies are always entertaining to watch on the big screen. The actor has recently ‘bemoaned the death’ of the acting in our Nollywood.

Majid attributed the current terrible trend of film makers to focus on equipment than on talent. The star told this at a film release party, which was held a few weeks ago in Lagos. Speaking about Majid Michel’s experience starring in Nollywood movies, the he bemoaned the sad fact that the whole Nigerian movie industry is losing its art fast and it happens due to its focus on movie equipment.

majid michel biography

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He said that he really did not like the things happening in the industry. He hates that they are putting much more focus on their equipment, lighting and also cameras, but not on acting itself. So, the films are losing their art and focus on putting more passion and quality on the technical side. Therefore, the true acting is sweeping away in Nollywood.

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Majid Michel biography is full of successful, legendary movies. Majid Michel is the award-winning actor, who has already starred in numerous Nollywood movies including Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Being Mrs Elliot, Forgetting June, Bursting Out, The Department, 30 Days in Atlanta and a lot of others.  Majid Michel wife is Virna Michel, they are together more than 10 years and an actor says she is totally responsible for his success.

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