What does Nollywood actress Caroline King tell about relationships with her mom?

A famous Nigerian actress Caroline King does not hide the story of her family. Many interesting facts about mother and daughter relationship point to the main idea of the family. Follow the article to understand the wisdom.

caroline king
Caroline King is called the queen of soap operas. As a matter of fact, a Nollywood actress Caroline King is a veteran in the acting industry.  She has conquered the soap operas, movies and even the cinemas. There is absolutely no doubt that the Nigerian actress Caroline King is also a vey interesting person. 

What about her family relations? Here we touch upon her relationship with her mum and how it has impacted her life positively.

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How often do they meet?

Caroline’s mother sometimes stays in the US. From time to time  she comes to visit Caroline and children to Nigeria. But not very often.

caroline king

Mother’s best dishes

That is banga soup which  is quite tasty. As for eating, she loves yam and garden egg sauce a lot.

caroline king

Mother and daughter

Caroline and her mother are close now. They understand each other rather well. But in a childhood they  were like opposite sides of the pole, because Caroline was more of a daddy’s girl. She had a better relationship with her father than with her mum. The relationship between both parents were not easy. Mother  was just strict and still is very strict. Caroline is still very organized  in mother’s presence. She has to think  twice and  edit it well in her head before she says anything.

Teenager period

Caroline King’s mother was so strict that she did not allow her even to look at boys. It was so bad that she planted that thing. The first time a boy wrote her a love letter in secondary school. She took it home and showed her father not mother. That was the amount of fear towards mother. But as time passed, Caroline has understood that her mother wanted to bring up strong features in her character. She justifies mother’s strictness.

caroline king

Mother knows better

It is common knowledge, as a young person, you always say you will not be like your mum. But, when you grow older you realize that you are exactly like her. That’s the story of Caroline King life really. Growing up, Caroline couldn’t express herself but with her children. She let them express themselves no matter what it is but. She does not emphasize, that they  must always say “please”, “thank you” and respect everyone and that they are not better than anybody. All these things, she learnt from her  mum.

caroline king

Mother’s love is natural

While growing up, Caroline thought her mother did not love her. Mother was almost like a perfectionist. Caroline was annoyed with constant tips, advice and help. However, after Caroline had her  first child and mother came to give a helpful hand  with a baby,  something switched in her  brain. That was when Caroline  realized, how much she really loves her. They still have some distance in relations, mother and daughter, but from position of mother Caroline understands better that her mother wishes her only love and happiness.

What makes mother happy?

Caroline King says that her  mother is happy because her children make her happy and she would give her life to her children. Of course, metaphorically she will. The number two thing that makes her happy is her grandchildren and then she loves to watch sports. She loves boxing , wrestling and other sports. During the Olympics she was glued to the television throughout. She is all excited when she watches sports.

caroline king

What makes mother sad?

Caroline admits that the saddest she has ever seen her mum was when Caroline’s dad  died. She was afraid and thought she would die too. Another sad moment was when they lost their last born, a boy, two years ago. But she was in the US. Caroline couldn’t even talk to her mother  on  phone, because she was crying so much. Her blood pressure shot up. She is a prayer warrior, Caroline King’s  mum can pray for six hours straight without repeating a prayer point. So, the fact that something happen to her children and grandchildren make an old lady sad.

The best mother’s advice

What she always told Caroline  was  that family is everything. The same wisdom she teachers her children.  When push comes to shove, it’s only the family that stands around you. So, that is one lesson a veteran soap opera Nigerian  actress Caroline King learnt from her  mum and still is keeping in her mind. 

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