What does Simi say about challenges of being a female gospel artist?

What challenges did Simi meet being a female gospel artist? How did her career begin? What facts about her life you haven’t heard before? You’ll find out everything in this article right now!

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Like most female singers and actresses, who always find it hard to survive in a well-known male-dominated industry, singer Simi talks about her different struggles since she got into the ‘music community’.

Simi, who is also a sound engineer revealed different challenges she has been fighting with since making her entry in the show-business and music industry in general. According to her, she realized she had to work extremely hard and twice more as a woman to make same affect her male colleagues are doing in the music industry.

Simi was first in gospel music (gospel coalition), she impressed the country with here released her gospel songs. However, her debut album appeared about eight years ago, but it didn’t cut across to all music goers, it was not as successful as she expected. Nonetheless, she got all her strength together and returned through another channel.

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Thanks to such Simi songs as ‘Love Don’t Care’, ‘Jamb Question’, ‘Tiff’, ‘Soldier’ she has already become one of the brightest stars of the music industry. Because of being raised by a single parent since she was nine, a singer said her songs reflected real-life scenarios, which inspired her. In a long chat with Punch, Simi reveals her different challenges so far.

‘It’s extremely difficult for any artiste to succeed independently before signing on with a label. This happens because having any successful music career is very capital-intensive. So the ability to keep your head straight at difficult times when it all seems as though just wasting of time, is no walk in the park,’ she said.

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‘There are a lot of talented artistes, who are competing for the desirable top spot, so it is hard to keep your faith alive. You must come and break into mainstream music, it is also very hard. I have just realized that I always have to work much harder as a woman, as I can’t afford any excuses.

‘Regarding to one of my new songs ‘Love don’t care’, I was trying to say how carefree love is; however it’s not a respecter of any people or situations’.

Full Biography

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  • Full Name is Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye
  • Date of Birth is April 1988
  • Occupation is Singer of Afro Pop
  • Her marital status is not married

Simi is a popular Nigerian writer and performing artist, singer. Simisola Ogunleye has appeared in the spotlight since her releases of songs like ‘Jamb Question’, ‘Tiff’ and much more.

Her Early Life And Background 

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She was born in Nigeria, Lagos. Simi is a mass communications graduate. She is not a complete stranger to our Nigerian music industry. Simi wrote her first simple tune, when she was 10. She started out dancing and singing in her early teens. She was a member of one teenage church choir. In course of time, she began to launch her first, debut album in 2008. It was produced by popular Samklef. The album had such hits as Ogaju, Ara Ile, Iya Temi, for example. She decided to start her career as gospel with the unique songs in her first album.

In 2011, Simi met the popular songwriter and producer (Oscar Heman-Ackah), they decided to cooperate musically. However, they worked together until 2013, when Simi signed a needed production contract with popular Oscar Music Production, after which a singer and a company raised and created a really fresh and genius direction to her new sound, style and sound in its entirety.

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That, what she said when she was asked about those things that had helped her making music during her career: she wrote about different experiences – maybe hers or even someone else’s. For example, if you ask her about something, she could answer like ‘oh, that’s just a song!’, but she likes to write about real experiences – things that happened in real life.

She likes writing about different things that are very interesting, things that all people can identify with. However, apart from that, she is also dabbling into a little bit of production, although she is not even half as good as she wants to be. A lot of people ask whether the melody comes before her lyrics, but she doesn’t think there’s any particular way, when it comes. Usually after she has recorded a song, she has to return to it and work on it again. But when she has her first verse and chorus, she usually considers her song completed.

Career And Life 

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In 2014, through her former label she officially signed a contract with X3M music, well-known Lagos-based record label, which is home to the real Nigerian R & B sensation Praiz and a lot of others.

Simi, who began singing at the age of 16 and was part of ‘Outstanding’ musical band in her church before she began working with Samkelf for their first, debut album ‘Ogaju’, in 2008 also showed why she had signed for this label. She said she joined it because of the good structure of the team, also because of the drive and a huge financial support, and she called it a place where everyone has to break the norm’.

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Before joining X3M music, Simi told, that she let a bunch of covers and singles since then in order to get noticed and also to get a good deal. She wanted to be successful with her music.

Once she signed X3M Music a singer continued to release Tiff and E no go good to the public. 'E No Go Funny' is a modern pop-club joint, infused with local drums and congas. It’s pacey and can give everyone a sugar rush they are looking for.

‘Tiff’ had her actually the most successful single in 2014, because it was enjoying by a lot of air-plays on many radio stations and it had plenty of online downloads and streams a few weeks after its release. A few songs also gave her a couple of award nominations in the same 2014.

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In general, both first songs were great. Her first real set of singles from the time of its creation, became successful. The tone, the production and the balance were exciting start for creating the right springboard for bigger things to come. If there is a metric for measuring a good startup.

After the successful release of her latest singles - infectious ‘Tiff’ and also clubby ‘E no go funny’, a singer came back with a cool brand new single named ‘Jamb Question’.

‘Jamb Question’ was a mid-tempo and also afro-pop tune, Simi displayed fantastic vocals on the pure melodious instrumental, created by Oscar Herman-Ackah.

Her other single was released last year, in 2015. It was already on top of charts for its later remixed track with rapper Falz. It was also accepted and beloved by a lot of fans. The video of this song was also popular, it gained a lot of views on Youtube after its release.

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Simi is the Mass communication graduate from popular Covenant University. She loves broadcasting and also blogging. She said in an interview, that her blogging has also suffered a little bit because, honestly, she has not had time to write something but when she does have time, she blogs about her life, her mum and some weird stuffs like that.

 Simi also mentioned that it took her a lot to get the place where she is now. She said that nothing needed came without very hard work. And there’ve been a lot of tough days, hard days and even broke days and she thanked god for those moments as without them, she would never be here right now.


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  • ‘Ara Ile’ in 2008                                                                                                                        
  • ‘Emi L'Onijo’ in 2012                                                                                                               
  • ‘Take a Chance’ in 2012                                                                                                         
  • ‘Chocolate Brown’ in 2012                                                                                                                                  
  • ‘Don't Judge Me (cover)’ in 2013                                                                                                                       
  • ‘Bibanke (cover)’ in 2013                                                                                                                      
  • ‘Marvin's Room’ in 2013                                                                                                                       
  • ‘Tiff’ in 2014                                                                                                               
  • ‘E No Go Funny’ in 2014                                                                                          
  • ‘Jamb Question’ in 2015                                                                                                         
  • ‘Jamb Question (Remix)’ (with Falz) in 2015                                                                                                  
  • ‘Open and Close’ in 2015                                                                                                                      
  • ‘Love Don't Care’ in 2016            


Besides singing and songwriting, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye is also a successful sound engineer. Her music style is basically created in soul, the rhythm and blues and also hip-hop.

Awards and Endorsements 

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  • In 2015, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, she won ‘Most Promising Act to Watch’.
  • In 2015, City People Entertainment Awards, she won ‘Most Promising Act of The Year’.    
  • In 2015, Nigerian Music Video Awards, she was nominated for ‘Best RnB Video ‘Tiff’ and ‘Music Video of The Year’ and also ‘Best Soft Rock/Alternative Video ‘Jamb Question’.
  • In 2016, The Headies 2015, she was nominated as ‘Best Alternative Song ‘Tiff’ and ‘Best Vocal Female Performance’.



Any rumors and controversies

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None yet.


Now Simi is in a serious relationship with a fellow artist a guy named Adekunle Gold.

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