What happened between AKA and his producer?

AKA and his producer exploded the web! All the facts and rumors! What happened between them? You’ll find all the secrets of the celebrities here.

Welcome another sad drama of famous AKA. South African Twitter exploded with the facts AKA told about his producer Tweezy.

AKA vs Tweezy

The ‘fight’ between AKA’s former producer and also a collaborator Tweezy, happened because the last one took undue credit for some work done on the famous rapper’s songs, for example his popular chart hit, ‘All Eyes on Me’.

A few days before the rapper AKA (his name is Kiernan Forbes in a real life) opened secrets of Dj Zinhle, the mother of his daughter. He wrote some new details his fans and paparazzi never heard of before.

Then the famous rapper was very upset with Tweezy. Meaning with the interview the producer gave to Hip Hop Galaxy. So the famous hip hop website told that the producer gave lots of details of how he easily created the famous beat for AKA’s favorite hit ‘All Eyes On Me’. Tweezy also added he felt a huge joy when the rapper played this song as a final one.

Nevertheless, AKA, as a popular rapper, whose album ‘Levels’ became platinum, decided to set his records straight on Twitter. A guy was very upset that his producer was often taking undue credit. He solved this problem in a usual, true AKA-style.

AKA singer

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AKA told that he had enough and he didn’t want keep hiding the secrets that were always left behind the close doors. He wanted to punish Tweezy for saying silly things in his interviews. That’s why he used his Twitter account for that.

The relationship between AKA and Tweezy became ‘cold’ after Metro FM Awards, which was last year. Tweezy could not go backstage at the ceremony, so he felt very shaded. But AKA mentioned that it was not about uplifting young and talented musicians and producers. It was a personal case between him and Tweezy.

AKA artist

Too often, the artists are leaving their producers, when they feel the need to go to the next level. There are plenty of such examples in Nigerian show business. Sometimes it ends peacefully, and everyone becomes involved in his own project, but sometimes the fights and scandals are discussed in press, and people have to go to the court. Of course, it often happens that a producer does not let his artists to go away. Then problems begin.

It’s possible that AKA wants to move on, to reach another level. He doesn’t need Tweezy anymore. But the producer doesn’t want to let AKA go. So the disputes and fight began. The show business is like any other business. Whether there are huge money there will be big problems. That’s what happened to AKA and Tweezy.

However, there is a very big mistake of many artists - almost nobody thinks about the future. As time goes by, agreements and contracts come to an end, and in most cases the artist stays without a name, without songs and money. Will it happen to AKA with his songs? Not sure.

AKA awards

The producers rarely leave their artists without an exciting show program, which works for them during weeks, or even months, thanks to the media. In some way it’s similar to divorce – they lived in the perfect harmony and then a lot of accusations, financial claims, and ‘alimony’, which someone has to pay, appear.

It’s common to discuss problems in Tweeter. The celebrities do it all the time. Sometimes it seems that they can’t text someone personally so they have to write it on Twitter. There are plenty of such examples: Kardashian family, Lady Gaga, WizKid and now AKA. Problems are always shown to public.

But has anyone though it can be a PR?  After a successful album AKA and Tweezy could decide to create something to attract attention. The new songs are been creating, and when they are out, the fans must be ready.

It happens all the time, when the celebrities start quarrelling or having an affair with someone right before the album or movie coming out. Then it’s being sold much better. And they all have more money. Much more money.

AKA style

See, you are reading about them right now. So have they succeeded? Pretty sure that yes!

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