What happened between Kardashians and Taylor Swift?

Have you heard about Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian scandal? Check it out and find out the most intriguing details here!

Kardashians vs Swift

The Kardashians vs Taylor Swift scandal is still the matter of public’s interest. The fans were shocked by the news that the director of most Swift’s videos has made a lot of insulting statements about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The director has posted a huge amount of things stating that the behaviour of the Kanye’s wife towards the young singer was absolutely unacceptable.

Joseph Kahn got even further than that – he even tried to compare this situation with the tragic event that happened to Kim’s friend about 25 years ago.

He tweeted that their family tends to approve the killings of the absolutely innocent people.

Kahn works as a video producer for Taylor Swift and a lot of other celebrities. It was he who directed the famous Blank Space.

Another tweet of him has a hint that Kim Kardashian is only famous because of her father’s influence and his well-known case in the early 2000s and the sex tape that she posted in the internet.

The other thing that he mentioned was the difference between the two celebrities. He claimed Kardashian a woman without any talent who was trying to blame a young smart girl for something stupid.

Almost all his tweets expressed his admiration with a 26-year-old pop star. He says that even though he has worked with a lot of singers, Taylor Swift is one of those who he would always work with no matter what.

Kardashians vs Swift

He believes in her talent and is really proud to work with her.

The reaction of Taylor followed the Kim Kardashian’s comments about Taylor’s conversation with her husband Kanye West.

She claimed that the singer supported the idea of Kanye singing 'I made that b***h famous' in his song called Famous.

That’s why Kim was saying that all the statements Taylor made about it were a lie. According to all their announcements, the singer herself and her team were actually shocked by this line.

The reason why the famous rapper put it in the lyrics of the “Famous” song was because he wanted to refer to the event occurred in 2009 when he didn’t let Taylor finish her speech that was really important for her.

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As for Taylor herself, she is expressing disappointment and anger with the famous couple for lying about her statements and making the public think something that isn’t really true.

After his wife’s comments Kanye West mentioned that he got some serious threats from the staff of Taylor Swift.

They were saying that he would have to go to the court if his wife and he himself wouldn’t stop making senseless announcements and making Taylor look stupid.

According to the privacy law of the United States of America it’s forbidden to record the private conversations, reported the lawyers of Taylor.

Someone who has committed this kind of crime would most likely be considered to go to prison.

Kardashians vs Swift

So right now Swift is thinking whether she is going to sue the famous rapper or not. Now his destiny depends on her decision.

Chris Brown, another American celebrity has also commented on his scandal. However, he actually just said that no one should care about such things and people should only think about their music not their personal conflicts and problems.

Kanye West’s “Famous”

The video for the song “Famous” by Kanye West became a huge shock for his fans and for the whole music world too.

There were world-famous people who took part in filming.

Among them there are George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ray J,  Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby.

The whole time those people are just lying naked on the bed and barely moving.

Next month the rapper is planning to make a tour where he would perform the whole album and we would also hear this song too.

We don’t know if it’s going to be a huge performance or not but the surprises are surely yet to strike.

Kardashians vs Swift

Kanye said that most of his famous friends who had watched the video were impressed by it and some of them were even sad that they didn’t take part in it.

The rapper would repeat the same thing all over again during his interviews. He wants to thank her for inspiring her and making this project possible.

He always says that they are not usual couple because they allow each other a lot more than the usual people would.

For example, he doesn’t care about the photos she posts in the Internet while she is okay with him expressing all his thoughts through his music.

They think that it’s the main reason why they are such a happy couple.

This project was a really hard work for them and their producers. It took about 3 months to film and edit all the material.

Kanye wanted to make sure that the video goes exactly the way he has imagined. Surprisingly enough there were no major scandals involved except for the one with Taylor Swift.

Public was shocked by the short film but the general comments were positive. Critics also responded with content.

The purpose of the “Famous” video was an attempt to show the insides of the most famous people of our generation.

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