What is Don Jazzy's biography?

Did you want to know anything about the biography of Don Jazzy? Get to know in the article.

Don Jazzy

There is very few information known about the life of famous Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer Don Jazzy. He does not like to communicate with the press and granting interviews. You can find only that information which he personally shares in his social networks.

He was born on 26 November 33 years ago. Besides him, there are 3 other children in his family. He grew up in Ajegunle, where the family moved from Umuahia.

He was in love with music since childhood, at 4 ages he already sang and played the drums. He did not lose his talent even when he turned older, at 12 years he also played the bass guitar.

In university, he studied not some art profession, but business management.

Don Jazzy

When he was 18 his uncle, who lived in the United Kingdom invited Don Jazzy to London, to play drums in their local church outfit. And musician accepted this invitation and moved there in 2000. He had to do a couple of jobs simultaneously just to survive in such expensive country. He tried himself as a bouncer in a famous fast-food restaurant.

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In London, he met a lot of talented Nigerian musicians and in 2004 he joined his close friend known as Ddanj at his label. During 2004-2006 they released two hit albums. Though Don Jazzy did not sing at these albums, he was as popular as his friend, because Ddanj started each new song with bowing to Don. In 2012 their ways dispersed. And Don founded his own Label, called Mavin Records label.

This label became successful very fast, he recorded there the most talented and famous celebrities of Africa. Also Don Jazzy was lucky enough to cooperate with famous US stars such as Jay-Z and Beyonce. He recorded more than sixty songs at his label. He got a lot of Awards for being the most successful producer and songwriter.

Don Jazzy

Every song of Don Jazzy was written by himself, no one wrote a word instead of him.

Now Don Jazzy is on the 36 place of the Forbes list of most successful Africans.

If to speak about his private life, you cannot find any specific information. Don Jazzy prefers to keep his private story in a dark secret. The musician usually does not share such information with the press and his fans. His life is just anybody`s guess.

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