What is India's richest person?

Do you want to get to know who the richest person in India is? Read in the article.


In business circles all over the world, everyone knows and appreciate the achievements of Mukesh Ambani in the field of preservation and development of Asia industry in general and industry in India in particular.

As the son of Dhirubhaya Ambani, who was not only the founder of his own private company but also the engine of development of the industry throughout India, Mukesh became a worthy successor to his father.

After receiving a university education in Bombay, he studied for some time at the Stanford Business School, twenty-four years old son of Dhirumbhaya Ambani returned home and began his more than the successful path in business.

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For a couple of decades, he not only strengthened the brainchild of his father's company for the production of textiles and fibres, bu brought it to a whole new level.

Rich of India

But in addition to the continuation and strengthening of the family business, Mukesh has created more than fifty new productions, in which tens of thousands of people work. And its oil refinery in the Indian city of Jamnagar, at the moment, is officially recognised the largest company in this direction throughout the world.

The eldest son of Dhirubhaya Ambani also founded the well-known telecommunications company in India Reliance Communications. Despite the fact that the financial crisis of the eighth year of this century has reduced the state of Mukesh Ambani more than twice, he still remains one of the leading businessmen of the world and the richest man on the Earth.

Now his wealth, according to various estimates,is ranging from twenty-five to thirty billion dollars.

But in addition to a successful business, Mukesh created a sufficiently strong and happy family. He is a good husband and a caring father of three children. The eldest daughter and the wife of Mukesh, as well as the admission of women from a family of wealthy men who is engaged in charity work, helping in the treatment of seriously ill children in India.

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