What is Jermaine Jackson net worth?

Jermaine was the fourth child of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. He was born in Gary, Indiana. Now he is a very rich man.

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine was raised in a religious tradition of Jehovah's Witnesses, which was followed by his mother. In 1989, after a trip to the Middle East, Jermaine Jackson has made a decision to convert to Islam.

Muhammad Ali was a friend of their family. He has met with him after accepting Islam for many times. He gave him helpful guidance in Islam.

Once a reporter asked him a question: «What Mosque do you attend?» He answered: «I go to Sheikh Faisal mosque in Los Angeles. This is a beautiful mosque. I am personally interested to construct a similar mosque in Falaise because there are no mosques and the Muslim community is not rich enough to buy land to build a mosque in this affluent area. God willing, I'll do it. » In such a way this Mosque will be his net worth, which will be open to publicity. He has seven sons and two daughters who like him are also Muslims. His wife is still studying Islam. He believes that Insha'Allah, she will join the community of Muslims.
In 1973, Jermaine was successful and graduated from senior high school, which is located in Birmingham Los Angeles, California.

Jermaine Jackson

In 1968, Jackson and his brothers signed a contract with the studio 'Motown Records'. Together with them Jermaine sang some of the best songs: «I Want You Back», «I'll Be There», «I Am Love», «Dancing Machine» and many others «The Jackson 5» composition. In 1975, after six years of performing together with his brothers, Jermaine left the band and went on to work solo with the studio recording «Motown Records».

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In April 2007, Jackson traveled to the UK to take part in the TV program channel ITV 'Challenge Anneka'. During this trip, Jermaine was in Glasgow, where he met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and expressed support for the anti-racism campaign.

Jermaine Jackson

In late July 2009 Germaine Jackson signed a contract with the agency 'Kismet Talent Agency'.

July 7, 2009 Jermaine Jackson along with his family attended the memorial service for his younger brother Michael Jackson. He helped carry the coffin with the body of Michael, as well as in memory of his beloved brother sang a song called 'Smile'.

He has a very bright life, full of breathtaking and amazing moments. He has earned a real fortune for his family by performing nice music. Nowadays his net worth is estimated about $4 million dollars.

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